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Monday, June 22, 2015

Belated Flea Market Finds

It's almost 2 months since my last post! How can that be!!! 
I sure didn't intend for that to happen.

I've been back in Minnesota for about a month now, spending all my time tackling weeds in my flower garden and trying to just catch up.
I finally unloaded the pictures from my camera last week and since it's a wet dreary day today I thought this was a good time to work on this.

It's been in the triple digits every day for days in Arizona, the warmest day so far has been 110!

This is what I brought home from the early May flea market.
I found another beautiful chandelier (made in Spain) from one of my favorite vendors, they are the sweetest couple!
She knew I was looking for one (I had a smaller one in mind but I hadn't told that to her previously).
They spotted this somewhere and purchased it with me in mind and kept it hidden in their truck until I came by their booth.

I couldn't resist it and they gave me such a good price on it. I did find a place to hang it but for now it's just on a hook until next winter.

Thanks Jackie and Petey!

I love the 2 candle holders/wall sconces and they are just what I needed on either side of an oil painting in the bedroom. I've been keeping my eyes open for just the right thing and these will look perfect. Again, no time to hang them...next winter. 
A super nice assortment of jewelry and a few other little treasures.

What's with me and the Redwork this last winter! I NEVER find it and I found the prettiest pieces 3 times this time. And super good prices so there's no way I'm not going to grab this!

Super deals on embroidery, some are a bit damaged but that's what I'm looking for to make into other projects. I can't cut up a pristine piece, I won't feel guilty cutting these up.

More embroidery but these are in great shape so they will stay as they are.

A bag stuffed full of crochet doilies and yolks

I absolutely love the chippy white bench. It's already sitting in my sewing room next to the window. When I fist saw this I thought garden but it fits so well in the room that I have to use it there. I have a beautiful vintage piece of fabric that I can make a cushion out of for this.

The cool frame was 5 bucks, it has newer wood appliques in the corners that I have since removed.
A display piece, not sure where that's going, some wrought iron and cast iron pieces, etc.

And these sweet little books with the most wonderful graphics, some great old cowboy songs too.

A cute little Scotty dog candy container

Another thing I've been looking for, just the right vintage mid century modern light for over the kitchen table in the bunkhouse for 10 bucks!
And a pretty embroidered tablecloth.

Then the very last thing I found...another gumball machine!
After painting the first one and filling it with buttons I was so happy with that and was wishing I'd find another one. And there it was...they were asking 20 bucks, I asked her if she could take less and she said how about 15! I was so happy! 
Deb at Garage Sale Gal said she filled hers with marbles and I loved that idea, low and behold I happened to find a good sized jar of marbles earlier that same day. Guess it was meant to be! Thanks for the idea Deb! I'm thinking I'll paint this one a color, maybe lime green, just for fun! Or maybe it will stay red...next winters project!

That's it for now. 
I took a bunch of pictures of what I accomplished on the AZ house to post. Looking at them now, it all looks so unfinished yet. I'll go through them and probably post some on the next rainy day.

Thanks to everyone who still leaves me comments seeing as I've been so poor at keeping up with everyone. I'm trying, it seems the older I get the less time I have not to mention the days go so much faster these last few years. I'm not giving it up though...I'll get back into the swing of things again!

Thanks for looking!