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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Aqua Bottle

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I feel like we had a whirlwind weekend! We spent our 3 days at a flea market and antique shops.
The flea market was the best I've ever seen....I think I went a little overboard but when you see things that you love and you know you'll never see again, plus the prices were so good...really good...what else can you do but give in and buy it!

This was a very large and heavy old bottle that I found yesterday in an antique shop. You can't tell here but it's 10" tall and says Dr. Cummings Vegetine...I looked it up and it's one of those cure all tonics.

 I just love the color, size and weight of this bottle and the hazing inside is just perfect.

We brought home 2 truck loads of stuff! Most of it is big stuff like 2 metal chairs (almost free), my new/old vanity (old buffet) for $15, a metal cabinet for $10, a vintage bicycle for my garden. Thank goodness Mr Wild gave in and came along, he actually found the best stuff. We went early Saturday morning, then it rained so much that we had to quit. We went back on Sunday because I found a check in my checkbook that I forgot to give to a vendor...I felt terrible! I've never done that before! 

We found a few more small things and then as if we hadn't looked at enough 'good junk' we stopped at one antique store on the way home, it was hot, humid and very windy, a good day to bum around. That day we only had the car, the truck was still full because of the rain.

I found an awesome old cast iron garden set that has been on my wish list (they came way down on the price) so we had to go back to the store on Monday with the truck to get that. After thinking about an old wicker chair all night ($20, it needs cushions, I can't wait to find the right fabric) I decided to get it too so we had another full truckload. We stopped at one more antique shop and I found this pretty bottle and some beautiful china that I'll save for later.

We were busy running around all weekend but we sure had a good weekend!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Road Trip Along the Mississippi River

A couple of Saturdays ago, when it was cool and raining, we took a ride along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. There used to be several little antique shops along the way, all we found was one still in business called Oldstuff in Bay City (teeny little town).
A retired couple own the shop, he carves horses and horse heads and mans the shop while she hits the estate sales several times a week.

Now I am going to show what little I know...I have seen these little dishes many times but I never knew what they were used for. I figured something on a vanity but this makes so much more sense!

They are bone dishes! They are placed alongside the dinner plate to throw bones on, the curve fits around the side of the dinner plate. Why don't we do that now!!! How many times have I eaten chicken or fish and had to leave the bones on my plate...it bugs me!

I love the crazing and aging.

I couldn't walk away from this little green transferware dish (for a couple of dollars) great for holding old mother of pearl buttons.

  A sweet little child's mug pretty well worn off but still so cute and a shaving mug.
Now the man in the shop said women used shaving mugs too, that they shaved their legs back then...does anyone know if that's true? I always thought shaving mugs from years ago were for men only.
He said the women wanted pretty mugs...

I had to have this pretty pink bowl and at the bottom of a basket of old linens I found this beautiful pure silk and lace night cap with 2 little silk ribbon roses... $2!

The prices were good in this little shop and I definitely
  would go back a few more times this summer. It's such a pretty ride along the river.
We had a fun day in this little shop, actually, we shopped there twice! Since there were no antique shops further south we came back and took a second look!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shelf and Rose Plates

I found this old shelf at a thrift store last year. It was spray painted a dark brown so I sanded and sanded and painted it a nice white (I wish I had taken a before picture of the shelf). I love the curves and lines.

I thought it would be a good place to display my rose dishes and cups and I do like it but after taking pictures and seeing them on the computer, it looks a little plain.

I have more plates that are larger than the plates on the shelf and I was thinking I would use plate hangers to hang them on the wall around the shelf in the order below.
I thought about putting a couple of larger plates on the shelf but then I would be overlapping them and I'd like to see the entire plate. 
What do you think?
I've been looking at this for months and, as usual, I can't decide.
If I do this, I think I need one more larger plate in place of that smaller one on the lower left.

Our weather has been so perfect for the last 4 days I just had to make a trip to the garden center for some impatiens and I found 2 beautiful peonies.

This one is called Sea Shell, I think it's gorgeous, the picture doesn't do it justice at all.
The fragrance is divine and it's a large flower.

And one soft pretty pink peony to replace the one that never blooms.
I love peonies.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Kitten Shelf

I don't know why but I just had to have this little shelf!
I was shopping with my girlfriend a few weeks ago and I spotted this shelf but I did not buy it.
I was trying to be frugal.

Of course when I got back home I started to regret passing it by.
After talking on the phone with my friend and saying how I was sorry I didn't buy it and the little antique shop was way on the other end of town...(can you detect a little whining here)...

My dear sweet friend just happened to be nearby the shop one day and went in and picked it up for me!
(She said someone had it in their hand when she walked over to it...how dare they!!! luckily they put it down, I can just see her grab it quick!)

I thought by now I would have found the "purr-fect" place to hang it, I haven't but I couldn't wait any longer to post a picture of it!
It appears to be hand made and hand painted, and all aged and crackled just right!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White Violets

Violets...one of my favorite spring flowers...for May Day

I have purple, lavender, speckled purple on white, white, and yellow.
I fill little vintage salt and pepper shakers (without the tops) each spring and line them up in a row in the kitchen window with all the colors mixed.

Wild May Flowers from our woods.

Happy White Wednesday!

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