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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Crochet Phoenix Blanket Beginning

I've picked up the crochet hook again and started this blanket called Phoenix. The designer is Vanessa of Hooked on Sunshine and has a Facebook page where info for the pattern can be found.
Just cell phone shots so a little grainy.

This is after finishing part 3. The lighting that day cast a greenish look, we live in a deep dark forest and when I look out any window all I see are green leaves.

This is after finishing part 5. It measures about 36" across here. The rounds are taking longer and longer to complete but it has been so much fun. Challenging, lots of different stitch combinations, stitches I have never done. It will take me a while to finish, there are 11 parts and each one consists of approximately 10 rounds but it is never boring!

I'll try to start blogging more, I've cut back on flea markets, yard sales and junk collecting. A person can only collect so much! Partly it is because we are moving and starting to pack all this stuff I've accumulated. Reality is starting to set in! 30 years of stuff to pack and move! 😒

Friday, March 29, 2019

March Antique Fair

Some fun vintage finds from the antique fair in Tucson a couple of weeks ago.
Love the Gunsmoke cantaloupe crate, I have a small collection of wood crate signs on a wall in my kitchen and this one will be carefully taken apart and added.
Nice hand painted tole tray, old frame and some tatting, lace and a pretty tablecloth. Ceramic frog too, for the garden.

I have been looking for a birdcage like this for a while, found one!
The camp stools are for wool applique projects.
Old wood spools of thread, big old roll of jute twine, vintage glass stoppers for old glass bottles.

Just fun little things, I don't need more and I have been cutting way back on buying.
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Since I don't seem to have time to blog or even decorate the house for Christmas, and after seeing a friends post of her old toy truck hauling mini trees, I decided to go back and repost some decorating I did in December 2011.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Today's Garage Sale Finds

I know, I have been neglecting this blog way too much. I seem to spend more time on Facebook because it's easier using my phone.
I unexpectedly found a garage sale close to home this morning and scored on a few things. Sorry my pictures are not the best. I was too sticky with this humidity and had very little patience after I got home to do a nice job.

My favorite find was this clock! I have been looking for a few years for one at a good price it this one was! It's 18"across.

You can't see the metal cowboys on horseback very well but I will be so glad I bought it when we move to Wyoming, fits well there! 
The old milk glass lamp is a big one, after it's cleaned up and I find the right shade I think it will look pretty good. A nice Melmac Bowl always comes in handy along with a child's clothes hanger and 2 sandbox shovels.
Old wood stools are great as plant stands!

I can never resist a crinoline if it's cheap and this pretty blue one was only $3!!!
Old suitcases have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.
I'll come up with something for the 3 large silver plated ladles!

Don't hold your breath on me, it could be another 5 months before I do this again. 
I keep trying to do better but somehow it just doesn't happen!
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Monday, February 26, 2018

February Antique Fair Finds

Finally! I figured out how to get the pictures out of my new camera!
This was almost a month ago at my favorite flea market here in Tucson.

I'm using the rocking chair, if my back hurts I'm finding that a few minutes sitting in this chair makes the pain go away. They knew how to design chairs to be comfortable years ago. I wish I knew the age of this, I'm thinking maybe 1920's???

The blue bookcase, I hope, will go in the house after I paint it a nice warm cream. I needed one, this is the correct height but it's wider than I planned. I will try it and see and for $20 it can always be used elsewhere. (by the way, I did paint the bookcase a nice tan color and put it in place, it looks perfect!!!)

The section of vintage windmill blades was a steal at $40! A rebar Saguaro for the garden, a little cement finial and a beat up old metal pitcher among a few other treasures. The square twig box is held together on the corners with leather and is supposedly made by local Indians. 
Cool old watering can too.

I can't believe the next "antique fair" (they don't call them flea markets here) is this coming Sunday already. Wonder what treasures I will find! That's the exciting part.

Thanks for stopping! I'm still learning this computer and camera and hope to get better at posting.