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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Shelf Display

Very slowly I'm redecorating small areas of my house...this is all because of all the awesome inspiration I'm finding on your awesome blogs!

Theres more coming. I'm working the area below this and also I need to add more to the wall to the right.

I picked up the first baby dress by accident online. It's the one in the middle of the 3 white dresses and it was with a bunch of laces I bought. Wrinkled and terribly stained, after a good soaking it looked so pretty that I decided I better keep it. That made me decide to pick up a few more and find a way to display them.

This sweet little picture belonged to my Grandmother. It's been floating around the house for years. Once I put the shelf up and every thing in place this just seemed to fit right in...totally by accident. It goes so well with the puppy hangers and the little girl dresses.

The shaving mug with the rose was something I bought at an antique store and I just love it. It's one of my favorite pieces. It was $5 because it has a very slight hairline crack in the back, that doesn't bother me at all.

The wooden thing hanging to the left is supposed to be a baby toy. I wonder about that but it so different I just had to get it and it was so inexpensive. I wonder if that's lead paint???
The dress in the middle is what started all of this, the embroidery doesn't show well here but it is so dainty.

This little jumper is all wool. The jumper looks to be hand made but not the cape, not quite sure if they really belong together or not but they are pretty together.

And this hankie!!! It's all completely handmade. The eyelet is hand made and the rest of it is tatted. I have an earlier post of handmade eyelet lace showing the tool that was used.

This hankie just amazes me, the time that was spent on it and what was it for...a wedding perhaps?

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Farmhouse Benches

This is what we did today....

My DH spent most of his day building 2 benches for me. I was supposed to do it but I didn't mind at all that he took over. I was happy to just hand him the tools and tell him what I had in mind.

We copied the design from an old white bench I picked up many years ago as we were heading out west on vacation. It was an old red barn somewhere in South Dakota. (They had the best stuff but unfortunately they are no longer in business.)

I wanted a small bench (42") for that hutch I bought at the barn sale from a few posts earlier and then one long bench (6 feet) to set my window box of impatiens on.

Now all I have to do is pick up some white paint and get to work, try to give them that well used look.

I'm just thrilled with how they turned out and I think I'll be wanting more....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wild Rose Tea Cup and Saucer

Happy Third Pink Saturday to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound!

A pretty little cup and saucer I picked up at the GW the other week for $1.99.

Just what I was looking for...wild roses of course!

In great condition and made in Austria.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Return to the Barn Sale!!!

YES!!! I went back to the Barn Sale!!!! Most everyone said (from last weeks post)...Go back!!!

I found one more rose plate that wasn't there last week and this pitcher that I intended to buy but forgot to pick up...it was still there!

I usually go for only all white pitchers but I love this style so much and it was so reasonably priced.

But the first thing that I saw was this white plant stand. I can see this used in a shabby bathroom...set a basket on the bottom shelf full of towels and maybe something fun on the top shelf...like a plant!

The last thing I found way back in a corner was this black plant stand, the price was $4. I couldn't pass it up, it looks like it's missing one leaf but you really have to stare at it to notice.
DH will sandblast it and paint it white.

Then hiding under a table was this old shelf. I kind of have a thing for old shelves...I've been picking them up and repainting them because I want places to keep my little collections rather than hiding them in boxes...I want to be able to see my cool treasures.

It's been painted cream, bright green and then white. It's sitting out on the screen porch where I've been working, not sure if it really needs a paint job or just leave it be. I'm starting to like seeing that bit of green showing on the edges.

Then the one thing that stuck in my mind that I regretted not buying was this cement pedestal. I figured if it was still there then it would be mine. I'm sure it's not old since the paint is peeling off in big chunks and it's pretty dinged up and shabby.

But once I set it out on the patio, which is still a work in progress, I decided it would stay right there. All I need are a couple of old pots filled with pink impatiens sitting on the bricks around the base (and hide that nasty green stuff growing on the siding). Top it off with a pretty pot of flowers...I'm glad I went back!

DH found something too, he called it a snatch block....whatever that is but it's big and it weighs a ton and he says he can use it.

And I just had to throw in the jack-in-the-pulpit from my wild garden....

Thanks for dropping by!!!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old Barn Sale...

I found a new Barn Sale last weekend, in spite of the rain, wind and a very cold day, it was still fun to get out and discover a new junking place.

I finally found PINK rose dishes!!! I see all of your pretty blogs and your beautiful rose dishes so I have been on the search and I got lucky...I found almost all of them in one day!

The 2 plates here were from the Barn Sale except I did pick up the little pitcher on eBay...

Both of these from the Barn Sale...

I found this cake plate in Miss Gracie's Etsy Shop...

A couple more from the Barn Sale... the most I paid for one at the sale was $3.99...

This sweet little pitcher needed a home, it was only a couple of dollars, it has a chip and a repaired handle but it sits so nicely on my mantle...

A small wood box with old green paint for $2. I filled it full of old mop buttons...

An old white chippy chair for $3! I couldn't leave that behind and I even have the right place for it at home...it's a little rough around the edges but that's okay for the garden...

And lastly this home made hutch? Not sure what to call it. I need an old white bench to set it on and I plan to add a back to it. I have it on my front porch and I'll find some treasures to put inside...it still needs a little work but I thought it was kind of a fun addition.

Don't you think I should go back this coming Friday, it was so much fun and prices were reasonable and there won't be another sale until Halloween....(can you hear a little whining here???)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

New Rose Bushes

I stopped by the nursery to pick up a hanging basket and came home with more...

I want so badly to grow a few roses but I'll be darned if I'm going to do the "Minnesota Tip" every fall. (That's where you dig a trench and tip the bush down into it and cover it with earth...way too much work!)

Let me introduce you to the 'new' roses! This is Ole developed by the University of Minnesota to withstand our harsh winters without being buried in the ground. There is also a Sven and Lena (sounds like MinnesOtans).

Then there is this beauty called All The Rage and smells divine, I don't know where this rose came from but it is guaranteed to be hardy.
I decided to dig up a small area in the back and try out these two, see what happens this winter and IF they make it...I'll add Sven and Lena, by then they'll probably have added another Swede.

And my fuchsia hanging basket, what I originally went in the nursery for...such a soft pretty pink, I couldn't resist it!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glass Cloche

This little post is all because of my friend Stephanie. She introduced me to your awesome vintage blogs which in turn inspired me to start my own.

I picked up this monster cloche at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. It's 12.5" x 12.5" and was only $20!!!

I emailed Stephanie to tell her of my really cool find and asked her, but what do I put in such a big cloche!!!

She immediately emailed bunches of images with ideas. One cloche idea had crochet things inside.

Seeing as I love to crochet using the vintage crochet thread, have saved all of my Grandmothers fine crochet hooks and have all these beautiful crochet pieces and crochet thread, that seemed like the ideal thing.

I spotted this old silver compote that I hadn't done anything with, that would make a nice holder.

And this beautiful old dinner plate I picked up at the Goodwill for $1. The gold trim seemed to go so well with the aged look of the compote and the old white went so well with the crochet.

It sure is not easy to photograph a cloche with reflections from the windows !
I hope these show up okay.

Thanks Stephanie!!!! for all of your inspiration!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

I lost so many comments from bloggers glitch. Everything from Thursday and some I never even got to read. I had planned to visit everyone that commented but now I don't know who your are! :(

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flea Treasures

Lately I've been lucky at the flea markets, thrift store and antique shops. The more cool stuff I find the more addicted to it I'm becoming. It's just soooo much fun!

I stopped at my favorite antique store in Missouri on the way home from Arizona and I found the prettiest sugar bowl with pink flowers that almost matches the teapot form an earlier post, it was only $3. It's old and crazed but just the way I like it...no chips at all. A pink floral cup for $1, a green glass knob for $3, a pretty linen tablecloth with pink flowers for $5.

I had to grab the mason jar just because it had a star on it.

Then that following Saturday was the big flea market at the fairgrounds. I love this little dress/slip/camisole. It's in excellent condition with it's hand crocheted lace...$10!!! To me that's a great deal because I know how much time it takes to crochet with the fine thread. A huge long piece of crochet lace and a smaller piece. A white pitcher, pretty blue compote, an apothecary jar and another sugar bowl with roses that is hard to see....too much sun and bad angle.

Then last Friday I dragged my husband to a farm flea market. I found a sweet little quadruple plated creamer and sugar bowl and 2 old school books for $1 each!!!

This shabby old mirror. I want to paint it white, the finish is so rough...he says leave it...we'll see....

And I saved my favorite for last!!!

This wrought iron violet stand...it was $15! I grabbed it so quick. It's about 4' tall although it's hard to tell here...I placed my violets on it and I just love it!!!

I have a place in mind for all of this stuff...I don't buy it unless I have an idea of what I'll do with it...sooner or later I'll show you gals where these things are...but I did find a good place for the books, silver and violet stand so far....

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