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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Crochet Phoenix Blanket Beginning

I've picked up the crochet hook again and started this blanket called Phoenix. The designer is Vanessa of Hooked on Sunshine and has a Facebook page where info for the pattern can be found.
Just cell phone shots so a little grainy.

This is after finishing part 3. The lighting that day cast a greenish look, we live in a deep dark forest and when I look out any window all I see are green leaves.

This is after finishing part 5. It measures about 36" across here. The rounds are taking longer and longer to complete but it has been so much fun. Challenging, lots of different stitch combinations, stitches I have never done. It will take me a while to finish, there are 11 parts and each one consists of approximately 10 rounds but it is never boring!

I'll try to start blogging more, I've cut back on flea markets, yard sales and junk collecting. A person can only collect so much! Partly it is because we are moving and starting to pack all this stuff I've accumulated. Reality is starting to set in! 30 years of stuff to pack and move! 😒


  1. Omgosh!! that is gorgeous!!! the colors make it even more beautiful! What will you do with this when you finish, Faye? Will it be a cover for a bed, or a sofa? It is amazing with the different stitches! Do you ever do custom orders? So glad to see a post here! Have a great Sunday evening. xo

  2. That is really exquisite, Faye! I'm in the same place as you, Faye...taking forever to go through everything and get this move done!


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