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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1920's Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dress and other pieces...

This has got to be one of my very favorite finds!!!

Saturday, as I was on my way to a flea market, I saw several garage sales in my neighborhood. I knew I should stop but instead I went to the flea market
The signs were still up when I came home so I checked one out and this is part of what I found!!!

Beautiful ribbon roses on  a 1920's wedding dress...

It's a cream color although it picked up a bluish cast outside...

The dress.... It was in a plastic bag, inside a plastic bin with more stuff piled on top. I peeked inside and saw the ribbon flowers and knew immediately I had to have it. The woman said it's a wedding dress and would I like to see the picture of the woman wearing it so I said sure! 

When I finally took the dress out of the bag at home I was so surprised to find the brides silk stockings in great shape, they are hanging on the left side on the hanger. The wedding dress is terribly wrinkled from being crushed for so long.

I had to drape the enormously long veil with train over the hanger several times. The dark part is the headband of the headpiece and the entire piece is very fine and delicate.

Out she comes with this huge 20" x 30" photo! She said she would throw it in with the dress, the dress was very reasonable.
Please click on the individual images. If I post them original size, there are too many and it will take too long to load...but you just have to see this dress up close! Especially the image directly above.

I wish someone had written her name on the back...we will never know.
I'd like to frame the picture and somehow hang the dress along side, hopefully I can find just the right spot. I'd like to have all of these pretty things out where I can enjoy them yet take good care of them.

Update on Oct.6....I just researched more of this dress  because there are 2 hoops underneath. They are panniers, it's a c.1920's Pannier Dress and it is made of silk satin. Evidently the panniers brought the dress out at the sides and would show off the lace and silk ribbon flowers in the middle. Can you imagine wearing this!!!!

I have seen these beautiful 1920's silk ribbon flowers on Etsy and they are not cheap. I spotted this undergarment with this flower cluster attached at the top. The price was too good to pass it up.
It measures about 4 1/2" across!!!

There is pink ribbon encased in the edge of the lace, you can see a bit of it to the right of the ribbon flowers.

Look at all this gorgeous lace!!!

Then there was this long undergarment...again if you click on the image below you'll get a much better look...maybe this is older than the wedding dress?

Then there was this set of 3 pieces....

The camisole, slip and pantaloons...on the right...

Every single stitch on all 3 pieces is done by hand! All of the crocheted Irish lace and all the other laces are pieced together like a puzzle and every single piece is hand stitched with teeny tiny stitches.
And it's loaded with lace, all in very good condition.

Can you imagine work like this nowadays!!!! 

I don't know if all of these pieces belonged to the woman in the photo, I'd like to think they did.

I have much more from Saturday to post but it would make this post so long.
I wanted to get these beautiful pieces on here first. I'll add the rest tomorrow afternoon.
Update....They are posted now....here.

I started sewing when I was a little girl, clothing and quilts and now I hook rugs and wool applique. I love to make things using cloth and finding something like this is just a real treasure for me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this little bit of history...thanks for stopping!

10/6 update on the wedding dress...this afternoon I discovered the dress was purchased years ago in St. Paul, MN. The woman that sold it to me thinks she may have the name someplace and promises to call me if she can find it. There's a lot of cool history in St. Paul back then...my mind is wandering...who was she!!!! 

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  1. Hi Faye, Oh what a beautiful find, I think I would faint if I found all these beautiful treasures. It always amazes me why families would not treasure these things. You are really lucky, thank you for sharing your beautiful find and have a wonderful week. Terri

  2. Wow--having that picture with the wedding dress is a real treasure! Beautiful!

  3. How beautiful! and to think you even have the picture. I know you will take good care of it.

  4. Wow...what a find! I'm glad it's with someone who can really appreciate its beauty and craftwomanship!!!

  5. You have just lived a dream of mine and that is to find such lovely gowns and laces in wonderful condition. Little pieces of the past so frozen in time and so delicate. You are so fortunate to now own them.


  6. OH WOW ! What a lovely find ,How can anyone let that go ?

  7. Oh, how I did enjoy this post. Your lace wedding dresses and gowns made me swoon with delight. I collect antique silk flowers - you did make a fabulous purchase - they are gorgeous.

  8. Oh Faye...what a stunning find! And to have the old photo thrown in...icing on the wedding cake!

  9. What fun with those finds! Having the picture makes it more meaningful and so personal! A high pickin' five, gal friend!

  10. What a wonderful find and then to get the photo of the young woman wearing it. Priceless. What a beautiful dress and bride.
    Love all the under garments, too.
    Super great find!

  11. what a wonderful find! would love to own something like this!


    found you via whitewednesdays. hope you can stop over where i am having a giveaway:



  12. What a find! Each piece is gorgeous! I love those old textiles too - so much fine work. Glad you are able to have the picture with the wedding dress - would be so sad to see them parted. (visiting from Savvy Southern Style)

  13. Those pieces are precious, the bride, her mother or maybe even her grandmother helped make them for her honeymoon, lawn or batiste cotton? The gown, silk? Stunning, you have a great find! Celeste

  14. What a piece of history! Amazing to see and think about all the stitches by hand and the lace and detail.

    The photograph is beautiful and I love her bouquet. Too bad you don't know more about her. I enjoyed your post very much.

  15. How awesome are those pieces and to have a pic of her wearing the dress is just fabulous!! Thanx for coming to the party!

  16. I am blown away by your find! What a treasure. I'd never seen the antique flowers on the garments like that before. So beautiful! I can't wait to see what else you found. Thanks so much for sharing your incredible find.

  17. I can't believe that you found all of that gorgeous lace. Lucky you! And that wedding dress, breathtaking!

  18. The wedding dress is divine! It's hard to believe someone would part with it! That, and that no one along the way thought to put a name on the picture. Well, the dress and the bride are in good hands now. Thank you for sharing this wonderful find!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. You participation is appreciated!

  19. Hi Faye...

    Ohhh my gosh...you certainly did hit the "mother-lode" on some really gorgeous vintage lace! The wedding dress is fabulous and the young bride just looks ravishing in it! I love the long trailing veil as well! I would lay money on it...that all of the clothing articles belonged to this lady! Wowzer...what a magnificent treasure find, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing it with us...it was soo interesting!

    Warmest wishes,

  20. The wedding dress is amazing, what a fantastic fine! So sad you do not know who the bride was but how lucky to have a picture of the dress in the original form. Will be your newest follower, Laura Cottage and Broome

  21. Absolutely beautiful. The dress is lucky it found someone to treasure it! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to keep that beautiful dress.
    I'm from St. Paul ~ but not that old!! Good luck finding out the details.

  22. I love this post, all your finds are so pretty.
    You are so lucky to have found it,
    you must have a keen eye for treasures.

  23. all soooo sweet and delicate. Lovely!

    barbara jean

  24. Oh my I can almost feel the bride's glow from this post. What a beautiful find! What a beautiful dress and photo. A treasure!

  25. OH wow this is just beautiful!!
    I wish they still made such beautiful items like this!!

    Happy pinky pink Saturday!!

  26. You were indeed in the right spot at the right time. The dress is stunning and to get the photo with it is awesome. The dress and veil are beautiful but the roses are unbelievable. I hope you find just the right spot to display and enjoy every day. Maybe you'll share a photo when you do. Have a beautiful weekend.

    The French Hutch

  27. OH Faye!! What a wonderful find you had...all the lovely pieces and the charming photo...just perfect! I would be pinching myself!

  28. Hi Faye this is lovely, but sad too, that it was being sold. Glad you can use it and appreciate it. Thanks for sharing the inspiration at VIF!

  29. Hi Faye,
    Be still my heart... I have been collecting ribbonwork for a while and it isn`t cheap. Your collection is breathtaking. *swoon*
    Happy pink Saturday. I`m your newest follower.

  30. You lucky lucky lady you. WOW what a gorgeous dress, and a gorgeous bride. I would have loved to had gotten married in a 1920's style wedding dress. Nice score. It will be a wonderful conversation piece to display.

  31. Awed at the beauty of each wondrously made piece.

  32. Oh, what a treasure, and how special to have a pic of the woman who wore this lovely dress!! Love the roses detail. happy PS!

  33. Faye..this is absolutely a find of a lifetime..If I would have found this I would have been shaking! I am sure you were. These pieces are beautiful beyond belief..and that photo too!!!
    So happy that you saved them.
    Happy Pinks! xo Tami

  34. what a treasure! tangible artifacts of such beauty from someone's wedding day - there's got to be a lot of good energy in that bundle of loveliness!

  35. What a gorgeous find and so perfect for the name of your blog! Love every little bit of each piece. I'm sure they were made with so much love. Have fun with them and Happy pink!!

  36. Wow so very very pretty. I live here in the Twin cities and was thinking maybe you can check with the MN History Center in St Paul to get more info on the lady or even the dress. MN History Center also has a library. You can look at some photos online. Just google MN History Center. Hopefully you can find out more about your bride.

  37. What a fantastic find Faye! It is beautiful. Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  38. Hi! I saw your lovely post featured over at "Potpurri Party" at "2805". Oh my! Such gorgeousness all in one place...truly a treasure that you found. I'm glad the pieces found you too...someone to love and appreciate them.

  39. OMG!! What amazing beauty! I'm feeling a little light headed from it all *winks* And I'm also a sickly shade of green with envy! Vanna

  40. OH my gosh Faye, I would have had a heart attack. You found them at a YARD SALE??? What a find...those beauties are what makes my heart go pitter patter; cherish them my friend!


  41. My, oh my!!! No wonder you stated that this was one of your very favorite finds, Faye! The workmanship is unbelievable. How wonderful that you also have a picture of the beautiful bride who wore it. I know I would want it out to enjoy every single day, too. And the rest of the dainty wearables are fantastic, as well! ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  42. I also purchased a glorious wedding gown from a local garage sale. Mine came with her professional photos, her slip, a set of wedding china, her wedding guest book and a few other treasures. I think I'll treasure it forever. Yours is beautiful!

    It just amazes me what people don't care about!

  43. What an incredible find! I'm so glad this set fell into good hands!

  44. I simply love your finds. I'm a late starter in collecting, and each discovery is a thrill! The set is gorgeous.

  45. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing stunning find. My goodness I'm still overwhelmed by the beauty of it. I too have been collecting for years & always been drawn to "just beautiful "things. It's only been in recent years it's been vintage clothes which has taken me to the path of wedding dresses..... I love them .... Thank you again for sharing your stunning piece .... Cheryl ...

  46. What an absolutely phenomenal find! I admit to being more than a little bit envious : ). Enjoy them!


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