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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Early Bird Flea Finds Part 1

Okay, I did it...up at 4:30 am last Sunday and off to the flea market. I was there before 6 am.
It was slow going at first seeing as the vendors were just starting to set up but they kept rolling in  quicker than I could keep up. 

I piled all of this into my full size car, I always use a truck but I don't have one here...I actually had to stop looking because I knew what I had so far was going to be tight.

(I'm really going miss that view in the background)

The birdcage was a real surprise!
I walked past her booth twice and on the third pass I saw the cage and stand!
Tag says $25...is this for real?
The woman walked over to me and said that she wonders why no one has purchased it yet, then she offers it to me for $20...okay, it's coming home with me.

The first thing I found was the old Victorian plant stand.
It's rickety and needs gluing but I love it!
I thought the chair was pretty interesting too, it has a face in the upper back.

The 3 chippy white chairs were a steal at $25 for all 3!
The little table was $10 and will be perfect in the living room...I needed one small table and this just fits.
Eventually, next winter, I'll put this all together and hopefully post some finished rooms, right now everything is still terribly a bit unorganized.

Jar of buttons, bags of buttons, a lovely silver plated pitcher...5 bucks.
And I could not walk away from the casserole dish, it's never been used.

An old suitcase, the same vendor had packages of vintage seamed nylons for sale and I had to buy one pair just for fun.

Can't pass up Wyoming license plates and some rhinestone jewelry.

I just love this flea market, I never know what I'll find yet I always manage to find something that I've been looking for a long time (like the round birdcage with the stand and even better...it's white!) I always find at least one really good deal. It's just way too much fun and better than some other habits a person could have!

Stop back for part 2 on Friday night for Pink Saturday, I found the coolest vintage pink typewriter that I almost passed up. Now that I have done some research I think I may have really scored...and I love it.
Plus more pink finds!

Unfortunately it's time to head back to Minnesota.
This week has been about as perfect as can be, low 80's and a cool breeze, puffy clouds in the brilliant blue sky, flowers are blooming everywhere.
I will miss our beautiful view of the mountains and the valley below, the cardinals and quails, little antelope squirrels that trill so sweetly (I seriously thought they were birds at first!)
It's so quiet and peaceful here...no noise, just the birds singing.

I know it will be pretty back in Minnesota, I am fortunate to be able to enjoy two springs. 
Mr. Wild says the wrens are back and the trees are finally budding out....way late!
But it will be hard to drive away from here on Sunday morning, which, by the way, will be back into the 90's that day...I bet it hits 100 by the end of next week!

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Wow! Wonderful finds - especially the bird cage on the stand. Can't believe the prices. It looked like the perfect day for a flea market.

  2. Wow, great finds!! Love that birdcage. What a steal.
    Mary Alice

  3. Great finds for your home! Love birdcages!
    You are coming back at the right time! Lucky you!
    Have a nice and safe drive home!

  4. All your finds are great! I love the sweet casserole dish...I have a creamer in that pattern. It's so pretty. Can't wait to see part 2!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. Fun finds and great prices! Lucky girl.

  6. It does feel good to find great pieces at even greater prices, doesn't it? Looks like ya had a fun time.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  7. Wow! What great finds!I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back! Have a great day,Nicole

  8. Great finds Faye...my favorite are the license plates!


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