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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A trip to the thrift store.....

A few pretty little dishes. I found a Meakin platter for just .99 cents and in great shape, not even a chip! Four little dessert plates called Rythum by Homer Laughlin and a small silver plated tray that I have just the perfect idea for....I'll post that later.

I love this planter box! This must have been made in shop class many years ago by a young man. He made the wooden box and painted is a very dark green. He then hammered the copper sheet and covered the box with the copper. There are pretty daffodils on both long sides of the box and a cross hatch design on the ends. The copper sheet is secured with tiny copper nails and it's in great condition for its age. This has to be one of my favorite TS finds yet!

My Grandmothers Lovely Crochet

I thought the best way to start my new blog would be with my Grandmother, Cecilia. I must have inherited her interest in quilt making and crochet, canning, freezing and making delicious pies (completely from scratch using her old recipes). My mother enjoyed knitting and crochet but I believe I take after my grandma more than anyone in our family. My mom would say so many times "you are just like your grandmother!"

She was born February 7,1892 in Dyersville, Iowa. She was a home maker, raised 2 kids and lived on a farm a good portion of her life. She must have crocheted every day for all of the pieces we still have. She was was also an avid quilter and I was told she made many quilts. There is only one left that I've ever seen and I have it. This woman even 'shined deer' and cleaned them herself. They tell me that my Grandpa made moonshine to sell during the depression. That was life back then!

Two of the beautiful bedspreads she crocheted many years ago. My mom kept these and made sure they were well taken care of. They are quite large and heavy. The threads are starting to break in the spread on the left. The other is not. I can tell they were made with a different brand of crochet thread....I wish I knew which one was the weaker brand. I have always thought that they were special, think of the hours that went into making these!

The third known bedspread....this was given to my mothers brothers wife. She put it in the washing machine!!!! Then gave it to me. It's a mess and falling apart, but I still think it's pretty and I just discoved it makes a nice backdrop for following photos!