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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The end of Autumn....

The first freeze was on its way so I thought I better get outside and pick all the P.G.Hydrangea flowers that I could get. I've had this small desk for years with the same old 'stuff' sitting on it for almost as long.

I decided the old crock that's been on the floor might look good here, a velvet pumpkin, an old rock from Marble Mountain in Arizona and then I just picked up this really rough old Big Ben alarm clock for almost nothing and it seemed to look right at home with the old crock. In Autumn I always hang up this oil painting that I did when I was about 20.

I think the old clock has such character, it's pretty decrepit and it doesn't work but I like it.

And of course the pretty shades of fall in the flowers. I love bringing these inside...they last all winter and keep most of their color. I have vases and old pitchers all over the living room full of Hydrangeas.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vintage Mother of Pearl Buttons

Just a few of my buttons in pretty little dishes for White Wednesday.

The wind is so terrible today and it's gusting worse tonight. The airport has major delays and the trucks are not traveling. We are surrounded by trees and I keep waiting for a branch to come through a window...that's how bad it sounds out there!

I don't deal well with strong wind but looking at the soft shades of the white buttons is calming my nerves...a little...

Several of these buttons came from one of my favorite Etsy shops...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Wool Pumpkins

I made up a few white wool pumpkins last weekend for the mantle.
I sew then up, stuff them and tea stain them.

I picked up the white mice plate at an antique sale this spring... I tend to go for the unusual things and this just caught my eye...works well for Halloween although it stays on the mantle all year.
A few more white wool pumpkins and a few dried maple leaves.
The vintage glass pumpkin candle that my mom always had out for Halloween when I was a kid, she was pretty big on decorating for the season.
My wool applique "Pumpkins in a Row" that was featured in Create & Decorate Holiday 2010 magazine.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Junk Pickin' Treasures

I walked down our driveway to pick up the mail one fine autumn day last week and as I was walking back up I noticed the old junk pile. It's a small old dump from an old farm homestead that was torn down many decades ago. It's about 30 feet off the driveway and in the bushes so you can't see it.

We've said for 20 years we should dig in that small pile so I got the shovel and came back and started digging.

Not 5 minutes into it I heard the sound of the shovel scraping glass so I took it easy and out came the aqua Ayers bottle...not a chip or crack anywhere...just dirty. So I got excited and started digging more and found the old Hamm beer bottle. Back before they called it Hamm's. ( A popular local brewery)

I spotted a little blue glass sticking out next to an old bed spring. I carefully dug it out thinking for sure it will be broken but it wasn't, just has the metal cap rusted on. There was also a funny piece of metal partly showing so I carefully pulled that out and here it's an old license plate reflector 'thing' from the 20's or 30's. The glass reflector was perfect! It says Silvertown Safety League which had to do with Goodrich Tires back in the day.

I was so excited that I talked my husband into helping me dig the next day...we pretty much just found junk! I uncovered the white cold cream jar and the cast iron wood stove vent which is pretty cool.

Trying to get a good shot of the Ayers Cherry Pectoral, Lowell, Mass U.S.A.

A wheel barrow of junk...literally! Maybe I can scrounge a thing or two, the seat cushion is pretty rusty but might be able to be used for something...some day! Any ideas?
There's part of the old wood cooking stove and another bottle with some tar stuck to it.

A pile of junk! There is the old stove vent...up side down.

The excavation site! Lots of broken crockery, it was a 10 gallon crock and a couple of brown jugs...wish they were whole!

I can have the best time digging in an old junk pile!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Wednesday Millinery Flower and Alarm Clocks....

This is what I see to my right while I'm on my computer.
A large white millinery flower pinned to a very dull and boring lampshade on an old glass lamp and few old alarm clocks. Every so often when I bump the table one starts ticking.

My home made desk consists of a long and wide board over a file cabinet on the left and an old drawer stack on the right...that was the only way to get a desk wide enough and it's the best desk I've ever had.

Love that flower!

Oh, and the philodendron plant that has wound itself around everything!

Most of the clocks don't work except for the white Big Ben and the white clock in the background is the one that starts ticking now and then.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mirror collections....

I've started collecting vintage mirrors and have them lined up along the wall until I decide where to hang them. I like the old crochet clothes hangers and found a nice batch at a sale. The cake/pie carries were just sort of an accident...I bought one and liked it so well so I bought another. I think I'll keep an eye open for a third....maybe more if I find something that catches my eye.

This just happened to be sitting like this on the floor until I find a place for everything...I thought it looked good just as it is for a photo!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flea Market White Wednesday

The last flea market of the season but it was the best one this year!
First I found the little white vase...I wasn't looking for white things...it just happened...again.
Next I found the pretty little white Lily of the Valley drinking glass, white old mop buttons, off white crochet lace and white baby shoes that were only $2!

I almost let this quilt top go! I walked away from it but came back about an hour later and it was still there so I bought it! It's a little tattered because someone must have put it in a washing machine but I think it's so pretty and I'll just drape it over a chair. I'm a quilter from way back and there is no way I would make this for the price it cost at the flea market.

This was the bargain of the day! I spotted the pocket watches in a case but thought, oh they will be at least $15 each so I walked away. I have seen on blogs where they are hung all together in a little clump and I've wanted to do that too! About an hour later I happened to walk by again and asked the man how much...he said half price...or less!
Well I dove into that case and came out with 6 watches. Now he says $5 each....they were marked $12 to $16, one was $24 and the 7th was $40 and a Swiss watch. I had all 6 watches except the $40 watch and he said go ahead and take that one too for $5! What a guy! I have my collection and it only cost me $5 per watch! The husband thinks he should have the dark faced Scotty watch because it's still working....sorry...I need all 7!

The rest of my finds are not white but I just have to show everything...it was such a fun day! I collect these small chipped edge shaving mirrors and I found one....

I spotted this beaded trim and know nothing about it. It's on very fine netting and I imagine it was leftover trim from a dress at one time. Does anyone know anything about this? It's a poor photo but maybe you can click on it and get a better look...

And last but not least....a cool old wooden file box. I came home feeling so good about everything I bought. I found such good deals and am so pleased with everything. It was a very good day!

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