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Friday, June 28, 2013

Flowers in a Row ~ Done!!!

It's finished!!!
I did it, I actually finished something that I started and I can't believe
it took me only 4 weeks from start to finish. I love how it turned out!

I just love the three shades of pink with the soft green and ivory background.

It's an easy pattern to crochet and you can find it for free HERE.

So many of you have written and asked what colors and type of yarn I used.

Here it is:
Bernat Super Value Natural (cream)
Vanna White Sweet Pea (green)
Vanna White Raspberry (dark pink)
Vanna White Pink Poodle (medium pink)
Deborah Norville Baby Pink (light pink)

I just had to post it one more time for Pink Saturday!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots of painting, stenciling, crocheting and puttering around.

Last week we had decent weather! No rain for about 5 or 6 days so I made the most of it and enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible. Seriously, we are going to float away if it doesn't stop pretty soon...I wish it would move onto the western states where there are so many fires!

But anyway....here's just a peek at what's been happening and why I have not been blogging.
Now if I could spend less time on the internet and more time doing this maybe I'd get more accomplished????

I did some painting and a little stenciling. I moved this into my closet and of course had to drag a lot of stuff out so now the bedroom is a mess for now. I'll post about it when I have everything looking pretty. A total of $10 was invested in this piece...I'll tell you all about it later.

Then some time was spent on things I brought home last year.
A $1 homemade corner shelf was painted aqua, a cement garden decoration was painted white and then rubbed off to expose some of the old gray cement. A very old and very ugly bird cage was painted. I wish I had a before picture but the color was soooo ugly I couldn't even take a picture of it.
I painted it white and then wiped on some craft stain to age it again.

I finished my Flowers In A Row blanket/afghan.
Took me exactly 4 weeks from start to finish!

I brought out a crochet project that I started 2 years ago and I'm lovin' working on it! All those bright colors make me smile.

In the background is a simple quilt I made while in Arizona. It has an appointment with the quilter in early August along with 2 other small quilts.

I played around in my vintage trailer. I finally made up my mind and I'm going with the yellow throughout. I was so undecided until now but I love the warm sunny feeling when I walk in from the yellow Formica table and cupboards so I'm going with it!
Mr. Wild will paint the outside white with a yellow band and white shutters. Love it!

Things are not exactly where and how I want them but it's a start. Once I clear off my sewing machine I'll start sewing the curtains and pillows.

It will have a "cabin at the lake/fishing/shabby chic" look when I'm all finished.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to fish, I was almost born in a boat, my mom fished, her mother fished and  the 3 husbands (Grandpa, dad and mine) just went along and tolerated it. Mr. Wild gets sea sick whereas I could live on the water.

I have my mom and dads and my old (now vintage) fishing gear and yup, lots of frogs because I like frogs!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Taming The Wildlife!

Hello birds!

I just hand fed a nuthatch!

There is one that always comes around begging for seed when I walk out the door so this afternoon when I saw him I brought out the sunflower seeds and put some in the palm of my hand and held my arm straight out. Sure enough, after he watched me for a minute, he landed on my fingertip and grabbed a seed and flew off onto the tree to crack it open.

Then there is a black squirrel that watches for us and is not afraid, she was coming down the tree and looked at my hand and I thought no, their claws are a little too sharp for me but she sure looked like she was ready to jump!

Of course this is not THE nuthatch because no one was around to take a picture but I'm going to keep trying it every time it shows up mooching for food!

And while I'm at it here, a few Springs ago I took a break on the front porch, lying on my back and very still, a house wren landed on my shoulder and started picking at my long hair. I just stayed very still while she continued to try to steal some of my hair for her nest until she gave up finding that it was still attached!

I enjoy birds so much!
That nuthatch was my treat for the day!
I just had to tell someone....

Update today Monday, he's back! 
This time the nuthatch came to my hand twice and he took his time about it, he picked up several seeds each time until he has just the right one.