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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Assorted Pinks

This is my first Pink Saturday post! Something I have wanted to do for a while.
These are just a few little pretties that I slowly gathered on my sewing counter. The sun was shining on them and they look so nice.

A sweet old millinery flower...

The 'accidental' collection...

Rhinestone necklaces and pink pottery...

The pretty little embroidery that started it all. Something I picked up at a flea market for $1 because it has a few small holes...I don't mind the holes, the embroidery is beautiful...

A pretty white pot wall hanger with 2 pink roses...

A few spools of pink thread and pink crochet flowers...

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Old Ironstone Pitcher

My beautiful white pitcher....I made a quick dash into the thrift store the other day and sitting on a low shelf covered with fake leaves I spotted this pitcher sitting in a big white bowl.
Now I read all of these posts about finding these really neat old things at thrift stores and I do find some nice things sometimes but I have never found the real special super cool thing until last Saturday!

I carefully lifted it out and checked the bottom and was pleasantly surprised to find an old mark on the bottom. I looked it over and couldn't find a crack or chip, it was perfect!

In my shopping cart it went. Then I carefully took out the bowl only to find that it isn't a match for the pitcher. It's not as old as the pitcher, yet I don't think it's too new.

Who ever had this sitting in their home probably found a bowl that was a close match, and at a glance it does appear to match. I decided to take the bowl too. At $4.99 each I'd be crazy to pass the bowl up. Yes...$4.99 for the pitcher!

I love the curvy lines at the top and the pretty detail on the sides.

The mark, if anyone out there can tell me who the maker M & S is please email me at wildrosevintage@gmail.com
The pitcher stands about 12" tall.

If I decide not to display the pitcher and bowl together I can do this with the bowl....

Use it to display some of my pretty crochet and tatted laces...

A little crochet thread and tatting thread...love that variegated pink and cream skein....

A few fine crochet hooks and a tatting shuttle...

A lot of the crochet and tatting I picked up in my favorite Etsy shop Exuberant Housewifery. Of course these are mostly all one of a kind and I should keep her shop a secret...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Crochet Sachet

It's been one of those crazy hectic days where everything takes 10 times longer than you think it will so I had to do something fast and easy for White Wednesday.

I have this pretty little vintage crochet sachet and I wanted someplace nice to display it. I found a cheap plastic frame at a thrift store, painted it white and sanded it a little to expose the old gold color. Then I covered the cardboard with a scrap of green rosebud fabric and attached the sachet.

There is still a bit of fragrance from the little cloth sachet inside, surprising after all of these years. Isn't it fun to collect what women made years ago! I've crocheted a little bit using this fine thread, it's not hard but it takes time, good light and good eyes.

I picked up the sachet in my friends Etsy shop a while back.

The plastic frame before.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little Bit of Bling

Aren't these little orbs of bling pretty! I started collecting these last year. Little round balls of bling among an old piece of petticoat lace. Such a pretty combination.

I hope this qualifies for White Wednesday, the old white petticoat and the white sparkle of the rhinestones....

My 3 favorites...

And a few more favorites...

I guess I like them all!

Someone asked...yes, they are vintage for sure. I'm not sure how old, I can tell some of them have to be from the 60's/70's but others definitely have the that old metal look. I wish I knew more about them.

Some of you have asked what I'm going to do with them. My first plan was to hang them in a window by very fine monofiliment fish line at all different lengths, which I probably will still do with some. Since I don't make jewelry, I'd like to tie one onto a little bottle with a piece of lace, use them as little adornments on various things.

I'm glad you all enjoyed seeing them and that I found something to post that several of you have never seen.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Old White Coffee Tin

I think this old coffee tin is really neat, I just love the worn paint and the coffee decal is still in such good shape.
It's rustic and worn just right and it's white!
It's going to go in the bunkhouse kitchen displayed on the kitchen counter. It won't hold coffee but I'm sure it will make great storage for other kitchen-y things.

I was surprised to see the old paper label on the bottom and in such good shape.

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