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Monday, November 18, 2013

Did I really need more stuff?

 Wisconsin Barn Sale!

Just what I need...more stuff...I guess if I have to be addicted to something, better this than something bad! LOL!

I've been to this one a few years ago but I thought they had quit...I'm glad they did not!
I've found some pretty good treasures in the past.

I love this perfectly crocheted pillow. At the very bottom of the picture above are a pair of pink slippers with ruffly pink flowers. The instant I saw them I remembered my mom had the same thing when I was young and she loved those slippers! These are in great shape and for $2 it was worth the memory.

I never pass up small ornaments if they are cheap, a couple of Gurley candles and some ruby glass found at the thrift store near the barn sale.

I love the old rose picture

Then we went to an antique shop in River Falls. I can't pass up vintage flower hats if they are cheap, a pretty crochet pot holder in the lower left corner and the little silk satin drawstring bag that was too adorable to pass up for $1.
Vintage crochet thread. I always grab that if it's cheap.

The chippy green tote will go on top of my chippy white hutch.

A girl can never have too much vintage stuff!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Barn Fresh Chippy White Cabinet

Every year for 4 years I've been buying myself a birthday present. 
(That was a couple of months ago, I'm just finally getting it on here)
I decided each year I'll find some chippy white painted piece, wood, metal anything white and chippy, big or small.

This year I found this awesome old chippy white cabinet in an antique store in Wyoming called The Hen House.

I almost fainted when I walked in and saw this. The man had just brought it in the evening before and I happened to stop in the following morning right after he opened the doors. 
I could NOT resist it!
I think I was the first person to see it, it was meant to be and it would not have lasted the day.
The price was really fair, around here it would have been almost double.

It needs a little push on the lower left side and a bit of glue and then the doors will hang straight.

Look at the cutouts in those cupboard doors!!!
That's what really got me and each one is positioned differently.
The drawer pulls are original and cute.

The little twisty thing at the top to hold the cupboard doors shut. The glass is missing but that's okay because I would just as soon not have it there.
It needs some cleaning inside because it was BARN FRESH!

I plan to store my hand dyed wool in the upper cupboard.
It will be so pretty against that old chippy white wood.
I can keep my dyes and dye pots in the bottom cupboards.
Once the 'bunkhouse' is finished I have a perfect spot for this.

A side shot. It appears to have a pale blue/green paint under the white so where the white has crackled the green shows through.

You can't do a faux finish like this one!
It's pretty primitive, I wouldn't want my entire house like this but a few pieces here and there is fun.

I love this chippy treasure and I can't wait to get it set up in the bunkhouse.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty Little Dish

I'm back!
At least that is the plan!!! I've been away for blogging for so long that I almost forgot how to blog!
Life has been awfully busy the last few months, nothing bad, just lots of 'stuff' going on.
Why is it the older I get the less time I have for fun stuff? I don't get it, I thought when I hit 50 I would have all kinds of time to do what I want, I'm past that but it just gets busier and busier.

I had a birthday in August, didn't do a single fun thing for it, but my friend Stephanie sent me this pretty dish for my birthday along with some pretty vintage crochet thread in soft cream shades.

She was using it in her Etsy shop, Exuberant Housewifery, as a display piece to show off her vintage buttons that she was selling.
 I commented once on what a pretty dish it is and low and behold it showed up in the mail!

I love it!

Thanks Stephanie!

This is what we woke up to this morning...but happily (is that a word?) for me...it's melting and the sun is out!

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