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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kitchen Remake in progress

It's been so long since my last post!
We've been so busy...Mr. Wild and I (and the cat) drove to Arizona and arrived 2 days before Christmas at our little desert hideaway.

The van was loaded to the max, everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

The plan...to tear out all the old kitchen cabinets and replace with new white cabinets, new sink and faucet. We replaced the appliances last winter and I ordered and had the cabinets delivered last spring before I went back to Minnesota.
We found the sink I wanted so badly, it was discontinued right before I started looking for one, no one had one. Then we found a plumbing supply in southern Minnesota that had one on display in white like I wanted. Since it was a display sink and discontinued they sold it to us for half price...I was SOOOOO happy! And yes, we hauled the kitchen sink with us!

I'm not showing you all of it since it's still a work in progress, Mr. Wild had 2 1/2 weeks to do this and then he had to fly back to Minnesota (it took him only 9 days). I stay here all winter and continue my internet pattern business and then do as much as I can on the house during the winter.

I've never had white cabinets and as soon as he got the first wall cabinet up I knew I would be a happy camper.

(Notice the outlet that he started to replace but never finished...I'm not touching it! He's the electrician!)

I started putting some of the old stuff up on top before he even had the base cabinets in.

We're not big beer drinkers but I couldn't resist this old Moosehead crate at the flea market here last winter and I love the old wood tones with the  white. I have a thing for moose.

A few more  flea market finds, I'm still trying to decorate on a flea market budget.

For the first time I tried using burlap for a valance and I love it!
(Please don't look at my dirty windows and the walls still need to be painted, there is SO much to do that it will take a few winters to get the house to look they way I want it)

Can you see the mountains off in the distance? The sun had just set and worked out better for pictures. The mountains in the distance are the Tucson Mountains, we are looking to the west and on the other side of the mountains is The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum and Old Tucson where all the old westerns were filmed years ago. They are the mountains you always see in the background in the old western movies when they are filming out in the desert or in an old western town.

As you can see I was trying out paint samples of yellow but now I need samples of a very light tan. I'm still so undecided on the wall color.

My little collection of Fiesta Mini Disc Pitchers, I forgot to take a picture of the cabinet inside, I have the Fiesta dishes in the same colors.

The little coffee pot napkin holder with the vintage donkey decal was found last winter at the flea market.

And of course I have to show you the flowers!

Being born and raised in Minnesota this is just too exciting to be able to have live flowers outside in January!!!

Pansies on my porch...

Purple Lantana growing wild outside the back gate...

Pink Oleanders and some bush that has cardinal red flowers waiting to be planted...

Brittlebrush still blooming!
I have never seen that happen. Normally it gets cold enough to stop blooming but this winter, while everyone else is freezing including Mr. Wild in Minnesota, Arizona has had much higher than average temps.

Last winter I was posting pictures of the more than average snowfall we had here.

I've been so busy tearing out carpeting and prepping the floors...pulling staples and carpet tacking. We're going to try the plywood ripped into 6" wide strips and then face nailed to resemble plank flooring.

Since this is ranch country I'm going with a little bit of a western ranch feel, maybe the white kitchen cabinets don't quit fit that look but I wanted a bright kitchen since the window is so small and there are trees outside the window, I don't want to do away with the trees!
We have cork  tiles to do the kitchen floor but that will have to wait until next winter, the plywood plank floors will probably be 2 winters from now.

Lots to do... this weekend I'm going to start getting a very small raised garden ready to plant, planting in February??? I still can't even comprehend that!
On top of that I'm off to the nursery tomorrow to pick up a few flowers....in January!!!
Back in Minnesota the ground is so frozen that it may never thaw out! Even Wyoming isn't that cold!

Thanks for stopping by!

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