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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mosaic in Whites

Another dreary day here...too dark for pictures so I decided to make a mosaic of some of my previous white posts.

I hope it's sunny and bright where you are!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giant Crochet Lace Rose and Other Treasures

I think this is so pretty... this happened totally by accident....

I picked up a bag of crochet lace at one yard sale while in Wyoming. It was marked $2 and tied shut. I thought why not...for $2 take a chance.

When I got back I pulled out what was on top, the long rectangular pieces in the above picture.

Then I started pulling out the really long piece...it was like the magician with the scarves being pulled out of his sleeve...it just kept coming and coming....

I remembered seeing a beautiful rolled piece of crochet lace here....French Laundry... and thought some day if I find a long enough piece I'll roll it too...and so I started rolling this long piece of lace....

I flipped it over and then remembering what my friend Stephanie does with scalloped lace, I peeled back the 'petals' and low and behold....a giant crochet rose! 
It measures 12" across!!!

Here's a little bit unwound...Mr. Wild estimates it's over 7 yards long. The widest part of the lace measures 5 1/2".
I just love this thing...it's sits as is and looks like a giant rose pillow.

A few more finds form that day...Old Pal tackle box, a neat old tool box with a leather handle and a full box of cork lined bottle caps....full...all the way to the top!!!

Aqua Windsor Melmac bowls for my vintage camper (that I don't have...yet...but I'm watching everyday)...I'm determined to find just the right vintage camper!

And who could pass up all this color!!! Pencils for $2. 
I was going to display them (and use them) in jars.

But I found this neat idea on Pinterest so now I have to do this!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Junk Bonanza Report!!!

It was a lot of fun....a long line to get in but worth the wait. A beautiful sunny and crisp autumn day.
here are my treasures...

The old coat rack and the Baby Ben are my best treasures of the day...and the Baby Ben works! This coat rack will go on the wall so I can hang up my pretty pink prom dress...wrong era but who cares!

A table full of goodies...

I think I found the right old door knob for my chippy white door, that sort of embossed single knob and also a few pretty butter pats...

Love the old glass ball legs, a pink and white cutter quilt for $5 and a beautiful large crochet table cloth with a wonderful pattern...

An old beveled mirror for the bunkhouse bathroom and the long white coat rack will also go in the bunkhouse...

And here's the entrance to the Junk Bonanza show along with a few pictures inside...

And last but not least Linda (on the right) from her blog Itsy Bits and Pieces
I met Linda through blogging and what a sweet gal she is. It's almost like we already knew each other.
She's super friendly and has an awesome booth! (Booth # 231).

And boy do I need to get my hair cut...it's long and drives me crazy so I tie it up but I didn't know it made me look bald this way!!!! Eeek...off to get a hair cut very soon!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My $1 Wicker Basket....

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
The NW wind came through last night and sure has made it feel like fall in Minnesota!

I'm back home and still waiting for Mr. Wild to take my chippy door out of the trailer so I can put it in it's new place...maybe tomorrow....this weekend????

But while we were in Wyoming, one of the yard sales I stopped at had this pretty white basket for $1. 
Just exactly what I had been looking for and there is was in this terribly dirty place yet it's clean and in great shape...I still think that's odd.
Anyway, I picked up a large bag of crochet (this isn't it) that was market $2. 
I didn't look inside until I got back to the "Dirt Ranch" as we jokingly call it.

I'm saving that big surprise for next week!!!!

 I tossed in some of my crochet doilies and a little bit of bling....until I find a place for this pretty basket.

Thursday morning I'm heading out to Junk Bonanza.
I'm going to look....not buy...at least I'm going to try really hard to behave myself! 
I hope to see some of you there....

Update Thursday Sept 15....I went and I had a blast!!!! I bought more cool stuff that I'll post this weekend. The place was packed, even more than last year.  I was pretty good and didn't buy too much, but people were buying and hauling out stuff like crazy!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Dollar Dishes....

Can you believe I paid only $3 for all of these dishes!!!!

I love that creamer and sugar bowl...and the big pink roses...

I went to 2 garage sales this morning...mostly all plastic kids toys but one sale had all of these dishes with a sign that read $3...now how could I walk away from that!

When I got home I took them all out of the box to admire and counted 8 of everything except the cups...why is there only one cup! I'm thinking I may go back tomorrow and ask, maybe I can leave my number in case they find them later on.

These were included in that fabulous price...similar but a different pattern.

Thanks for stopping!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Here...from Old Time Pickers....

My package from Old Time Pickers arrived yesterday!
Not only do I love everything but Cindy does know how to package everything so don't ever worry about buying something breakable from her Etsy shop!!!

I love the McCoy pitcher and mugs. My hydrangeas are just starting to turn a little pink, I thought they went well in the pitcher.
I actually baked a few cookies this afternoon...add a little coffee and a few friends and we're all set!

The other item in Cindy's Giveaway was this great berry tote. As soon as Mr. Wild saw it he commented that this was the exact kind he used as a kid to pick berries on the farm.

I picked up a bunch of old books in my favorite antique shop in South Dakota on my way home. They look good in the tote but I have lots of ideas for this berry tote that I know I'll be posting in the future.

Thank you Cindy!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Mom's Old Suitcases

We're packin' up to head back.
Time to leave Wonderful Wyoming and the big open blue skies.

One of the things I hauled out here this time are my moms old luggage set.
She's had these since I can remember and I always thought they were neat when I was a kid. Sure glad I hung on to them now that old suitcases have become so popular.

The key to the locks is still hanging on the right of the bottom suitcase. And the insides are so cool...sure don't make them like that anymore!

Since we have no real 'home' here yet, an old trunk and horse corral had to do as a backdrop.

Missing the cover of one latch but I happened to pick another train case up years ago in a junk shop and some day I'll get Mr. Wild to fix up my mom's train case.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Won the "Old Time Pickers" Giveaway!!!!

The very first Giveaway I have ever won and I am just so happy!

I won this 'pickin' perfect old berry basket and this wonderful McCoy pitcher and mugs

I mean seriously...I would have picked everything here for myself had I seen them in a shop!
And I dearly LOVE old berry baskets!!!!
And pitchers and mugs!!!! And McCoy is always a favorite of mine!!!

Thank you so much Cindy! 
I am just so excited that I can hardly think!!!!

Please be sure to visit Cindy at her blog Old Time Pickers
And also her Etsy shop Old Time Pickers

I have done some of my best' pickin'  in her Etsy shop and I know I'll be back there for more fine 'pickin'!

Cindy...you are such a sweetie!!!! Thank you!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Crochet Hanger and Fabric Rose

Be sure to stop over there for all the wonderful inspiration...

I have an obsession for am hooked on crocheting hanger covers and I just recently finished this one.

I made a fabric rose using the Clover Rose Maker. This was the first rose I made using the medium template.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  They take a little practice and a some patience but I think the roses are worth every bit of it!

I plan to give the embellished hangers as gifts, keep a few a lot for myself and some to sell.

Thanks for stopping by!