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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday Road Trip and more....

This is a long one...lots of stuff going on.

Mr. Wild managed to break his arm last week at work soooo that is making him kind of grumpy and not wanting to do any work outside (because he can't) to get things put away for winter (guess who will be doing that now...yes...me...not happy because it's already too cold for me).

So what do you do on a Sunday afternoon when you have a broken arm...go for a ride and hit a few antique shops just to get out for a while.
(I really had to intention to buy anything...just look...ya, right!)

First shop....I fell for this old box immediately and the price was really cheap. It's paper/ cardboard, not sure, but it's very sturdy.  I LOVE the embossing on it. It will find a good home here.

The frame and old chick were in the last shop we stopped at...the really good one in Wisconsin where she sells her treasures at such a good price! We were there this spring and finally were able to go back. It's very small but she always has things I love and for so cheap it's more like flea market prices than antique shop prices.

The frame will get a remake and I'll show you that when it's done...what color...white! Of course!

I have an obsession with white pitchers (it used to be just clear glass pitchers). This old beauty was from the "cheap" shop and it was very reasonable.

So was the old wash bowl that looks to be really old. The name on the bottom is Trilby, all I can find online is flow blue by this company.
But I love the crazing and light browning and of course the wild roses!

This "cheap" shop always has a basket of crochet and linens at $2 each. She had a big bag of crochet in the basket and since I am such a hoarder collector of old crochet this was a gold mine to me!

And the bonnet...at $2 and it's perfect! Look at the time and work that went into this!

And a small baggie packed full, I didn't even bother to open it there, it was more fun to go through the bags of crochet when I got home. They were all neatly folded, clean and starched. I love the frilly one next to the pink circles. The cream piece with the ribbon is the top half of a pin cushion hat that I will finish. Also an old linen runner ($2) that is stained a little but will be great for re-purposing.

This metal cabinet with mirror doors will be perfect in the bunkhouse bathroom, over the 'biffy', maybe a shelf below it too. The bottles were $1 each and the little aqua vase had a small chip on the inside for $3, you can't even see it.

A sweet little Limoges plate for $3, the picture does not do it on this at all.

Two very large cast iron harness hooks for hanging plants on the bunkhouse porch. An old slate and do you think I could find any chalk in this house so that I could write "I heart junk"!!! I have a box from when I was a kid but it's packed away somewhere. A bed lamp that I need for the bed in the bunkhouse (I use one here and I love it).The spoons are grapefruit spoons, I've never seen any like this. I've only seen serrated edges but these have a funny curved shape that will fit right into the halved grapefruit segments. I want to try them out.

And my favorite find of all...this crib spring. It's in excellent condition and small enough to hang on a wall and decorate. 
The woman in the shop (this wasn't the "cheap" shop) said it just came in Thursday night (This shop is only open on weekends) She was going to buy it and use it for a boot scraper by her outside door! Whaaat! So glad I rescued it!

I'm thinking of all of you blogging friends that are back east and hoping that you and your families are safe.

I have new pictures of the bunkhouse on my other blog HERE.
Our carpenter called last night and it will be finished (the exterior) the end of this week. 
I'm so anxious to see it in person!

And lastly, I won't be blogging for a bit.
Big chicken me has to have surgery for a hernia next Wednesday so wish me luck!
I am such a wimp, I've never had anything done before so I am scared to death. I was born with a small hole in the stomach muscle...usually men get this...my mom asked the Dr. when I was little and he said it was nothing...well it wasn't! So as I got older the fat has slowly pushed through that hole and it's gotten quite large. I'm finally to the point that I'm sick of it and want to get rid of it!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll post in a couple of weeks...I hope.
I think I'll be able to sit and catch up on your blogs, that's my plan.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White Velvet Pumpkin

Every year I enjoy bringing out my old fabric pumpkins and finding a new place to display them.
This is a white velvet pumpkin which I tea stained and added a wool stem and a silk ribbon.

This year I used a few vintage books and lace doilies with one of my old doors for a background.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn Cloche

I'm joining Marty's CLOCHE PARTY, please stop by her blog to visit her fun party!

I found this tall cloche last spring at a sale and have never put it to use until I spotted Marty's party on Barb's blog. 
Be sure to stop by Barb's blog too (HERE)and see what she did! I love it!

Anyway, I started playing around with an old cast iron pot, turned up-side-down, placed one of my velvet pumpkins that I made about 10 years ago on top of the pot, hung a simple copy of an old postcard on the pot and placed the cloche over it.

Added a few pressed maple leaves and some old brown books.
I'm quite happy with how it turned out and so simple!

Thanks Marty and Barb!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Surprises in my yard!

I took a break today and this is what was out my front window.
They are migrating south and stopped by for a bite and a drink.
I had to quickly take these through the window without a tripod.

Aren't they just the sweetest things! There were a lot of them but this was the best I could do.
Look closely, this bluebird below has a Winterberry in it's beak!

Then the turkeys come by for a drink now and then but to see them drinking all at once was comical!

And one of our maples just before the wind came and blew the leaves all away!

I haven't begun to decorate inside but I am enjoying the Autumn treats outside.
Happy Autumn!

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