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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Miss Desert Rose's Rhinestones and Pearls

Flea market was Sunday and I found some awesome things that I'll post later.
I found a couple handfuls of rhinestone and pearl jewelry for super cheap so I added more bling to Miss Desert Rose today.

I had an awesome day visiting with my flea market vendor friends and I found some pretty neat pieces I'll try to show this week sometime. 
The days are flying by and the weather here has been nice and cool. We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and last night.
Everything smells so fresh and clean, it's going to be hard to leave here if the weather stays like this!
The forecast is below average all week.

The average high is 86, it's only 74 today and partly cloudy, light breeze and yellow trees blooming all across the desert.
I'm trying to soak in every second as much as possible.

Have a nice week!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Pea Pickin'

Nothing like fresh peas from the garden.
They taste so sweet that I eat'em raw.

I just picked them a few minutes ago.
97 degrees today in sunny Arizona
I figured I better before they cooked in the shell :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Painted Parts Tray

Another project finished!
I bought this revolving parts tray last November with plans to have this finished way before this.
I love the old vintage revolving trays but a little pricey.
Actually I bought two of them. The first one my husband put together, the second one came with me to Arizona for my sewing room here.

I finally put it together and spray painted it with Rustoleum Canvas White (love that color!).

This is what they look like originally. We bought them at Harbor Freight (use the coupon and they are less than 20 bucks). Every box was broken open, I inspected the 2nd one before we left and I thought everything was there but when I started to put it together I found that there was a middle part that was missing, luckily it was for the 3 section tray and not one of the 6 section trays. I like the smaller 6 section trays better.
There are supposed to be two 6 section and two 3 section trays = four revolving trays total).

So I put it together anyway and I actually like the odd number of trays better plus it's not so tall. All in all it worked out just fine. 

I replaced the knob on top with a painted wood knob.
The hard part was finding enough stuff to fill it! 
Also you need to keep the weight in the trays balanced or it will look a little wonky.

Another corner of my sewing room, still not finished though.
I'm not sure I'll keep the child's millinery hat in that frame (I just hung that there last night).
There's a piece of fabric draped over the vintage chest of drawers (under the small black box) I plan to cover that little chest of drawers with that fabric...next winters project...I've already started a list!

And I couldn't resist adding the Cereus cactus flower that opened up full this morning...it's 7" across.

Next I hope to take a few pictures of the dining room, so far I really like how it's turning out.
One more flea market this weekend and then I can start loading up my van to drive back to Minnesota.
Thanks for stopping by!

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