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Saturday, April 19, 2014

What IS this and some flowers.

It stands 17" tall and I know it's blue swirl graniteware but what was it's original purpose?
A milk can?
I looked online and I see small milk cans but they look different.
It probably had a lid at one time.

And of course I just had to buy it. It might be cute as a plant stand at the bunkhouse, it's has several chips and dings but that's how I like my stuff, a bit chipped and dingy.

And then there was this, for a couple of dollars why not.

It measures 4 1/2" x 5" and 1" high. It looks like slots for coins but a 25 cent piece is too small.

It's tin and it's heavy for it's size.
I can always use it for paper clips and pushpins...I can't believe I don't have any here!

And seeing as I'll be leaving in 2 or 3 weeks, here's my garden.
I've been able to pick spinach and lettuce for a dinner salad every evening. 
The taller plant is cilantro which grew like a weed and I've been using it in chicken burritos.

And finally the cherry tomatoes look like they can be picked soon. 
It's in a pot so I can take it back to Minnesota.

A little wild flower popped out the gravel other day. This was one of my dad's favorite flowers when we would go for a ride in the desert.

And one of my favorite cactus flowers called Beavertail Cactus

Mexican Bird of Paradise, another one of my favorites and so nice that the woman who lived here before planted a lot of these around the yard.
In the background are the Rincon Mountains and Rincon Creek is between me and the mountains.

The mountain to the left is the south end of Saguaro National Park which, by the way, all National Parks are free admission today and tomorrow.

I'm not anxious to leave but I'm starting to pack and finish whatever needs finishing here.

I'll be back with a couple more posts of projects and then it will be time to head north!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another flea market, more stuff, more wild ideas and more work for me.

I was the 2nd person at the flea market...am I obsessed???

I didn't plan that to happen, I got up at 4 am and was ready to go by 4:45 so may as well head out...right?
I arrived and there was only one other vehicle there waiting for the gate to open. I was a little embarrassed, the one vehicle was a vendor!
(But now at least I know the gate officially opens at 5:30!)
But that's how they do it here, they welcome you to come in as they set up!
I still can't get used to that.

So here we go...

Love the 50's/60's shoes!
I still remember my mom and sister wearing shoes like this when I was little and their teeny size 5 1/2 double A shoes (mine are an 8 1/2 wide...how did that happen!)
These are 5 1/2 too!
They are now on the floor below my dress form.
I have wanted one of these sewing baskets for a few years, this one was 5 bucks and full of sewing supplies and in great condition.
The fabric to the right is a Mexican print apron for the kitchen.

The woman who had the shoes also had these baby slippers with no price tag. When I inquired she said she would like to give them to me (I also bought a tea pot from her) she said she's brought them to the last 2 flea markets and no one has wanted them...humm...how come I didn't see them before?

A small collection of tea pots.
I have a plan for the tea pots, the area still needs some finishing work so
I went looking for inexpensive tea pots (vintage and new) and found 5 of them. The most expensive was the dark blue Hall at $10 down to the small one on the lower right at $3.
Love the aqua and pink table cloth, at $7 I thought it was a cutter, when I opened it up at home I found it's too good to cut!

A collection of kitchen things.
The green bowl in the lower left is already on top of my kitchen cabinets.
I have a wild plan for the green Vaseline glass that I'll show when finished (I've been slowly collecting inexpensive pieces).
The rest of the goodies will go to Wyoming for the bunkhouse kitchen including that pretty turquoise mixer that works great and was $15!
(the kitchen will be white, turquoise and yellow)
The green bottle is an old laundry bottle for sprinkling dry laundry prior to ironing and I remember well my mom doing this, even the sheets!
The jar with the blue lid is a GE refrigerator jar.
Small vintage mirror calendar give aways for $3 each, another thing I've been collecting with a plan in mind.

A box of finely crochet hankies and hat pincushions for $5

I love this 12" tall pitcher and I immediately knew where it would go when I spotted it.
Hand painted for $10

An assortment of glass and metal

Something else I've been watching for, a cast iron heat grate for only $10!
There still are deals to be found at flea markets!!!

Old branding irons for a western theme here

Probably not an old birdcage but I liked it, it was cheap and can see it painted shabby white...someday I'll post the before and after (the tops not really crooked, I just didn't notice it wasn't on properly).

A nice couple had these sections of garden fencing...18 sections!
They will go in the Wyoming garden.
(Do you see the white cast iron? I'm saving the best for last!)

I have regretted not buying a cement birdbath for years when I had the chance, I found this one at the 22nd Street Antique store for a ridiculously low price 
(sometimes it works out to pass something up earlier).
 I know one of the vendors there and I showed it to her. Her reply was if you don't buy it I will and double the price in my booth!!!! 
It's painted aqua where the water should be and I'm just crazy about it!
One of my favorite finds!
I have another wild idea for the birdbath...next year!
And I couldn't pass up another thing I've been looking for, a beautifully patina aqua blue wheelbarrow for the Wyoming garden.

More stuff...
(A minnow bucket in Arizona!!! a gal had a lot of stuff in her booth from MN, IA and WI)

How about a tacky beautiful light fixture thrown in!
I like it!
(for some odd unexplained reason!)
I'm looking for inexpensive vintage light fixtures for this place, one place was the hallway with a high ceiling.
It even has a tassel!
(It's a LOT better than what is there now!)

Wicker stool

This is pretty cool, it was a window on a Mexican restaurant in downtown Tucson. It has a separate frame with hinges so you could actually incorporate it into a wall and open it. 
I wanted to find a tall narrow window of some sort for the end of the hallway here...found it!
And behind that are several sections of very old cast iron fencing found at the farmers market flea market.
The wrought iron window will be in the same hallway as the tacky beautiful fixture but I think they'll work out together...I hope.

And at last...4 sections of beautiful cast iron porch posts!
I wanted these so badly and walked away several times.
The super nice guy came down 50 bucks. I won't reveal the price but it really was a deal.
They are 7 feet tall and I have an idea for the Wyoming garden again.

So will I live long enough to actually do all the things with this stuff I'm hoarding!

The reason I really post all of this 'junk' is for me to go back and see what I found and when. It's been fun to look back a few years and see what I was doing and when.
Kind of like a picture journal.

I have one more flea market before I leave but the April one was the biggest, by May it's warm and there will be a lot less people...whew...that's a relief for my pocket book!

FYI average temperature for early May is about 86 degrees in Tucson.
It was about 80 today but the humidity has been about 2% every day and it doesn't feel hot!
Not like when it's 80 degrees in Minnesota with 80% humidity... now that feels hot and sticky!

Thanks for stopping!

Tomorrow I'll post a 
"what is this...does anybody know?"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Playing with vignettes & a few finds all on a flea market budget

Enough painting and working!
I'm puttering around with small areas here and there in the house.
The rest of my time here will be doing fun things like this...

I removed the desk that was on the left and replaced it with this old chippy aqua green wicker table. The white table to the right was found last winter at the flea market.  I'm not showing what's on the wicker table because it's an old heavy TV that I use only for the DVD player.
The white table is still cluttered with stuff.
I thought it would look so good! But there was this big space between the 2 tables with an outlet and ugly cords visible.

I picked up the cheese box at the same flea market for a few bucks. It was painted John Deere green. I thought it might work in the living room but the color was awful. I painted it white and took the electric sander to it. Still didn't like it in the living room.
Ah ha!
Works perfect here! Fills the space like it was just meant to be!

The unsightly cords!

The green cheese box before!
What was I thinking!!!

So much better!

I found a good spot for the little shelf but it sat empty for weeks until I spotted the little yellow bird at 22nd St. Antiques when I bought the wicker table. He's perfect perched here and directly below this is the tall skinny plant stand.

This was found at the flea market last year too. It's terribly wobbly and in need of some TLC. It fits in this little corner just right!

And my flea market cast iron urn that I thought I would never find...along with some old softballs found at Goodwill.

A collection of treasures on top of a table that was my mom's. All last years flea market finds.

Some 'good junk' found at the antiques store, everything you see here has a place, it just hasn't been put there yet!!!

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled up to Goodwill and spotted this bolt of fabric in the window. I expected muslin but it's a full bolt of canvas duck or Turkish greige!
I counted the folds (2 folds equals 1 yard) there are 20 yards and it was marked $20!
I can find a ton of uses for this!
Thinking window treatments, pillows, seat covers, stenciling!
A buck a yard and it's 48" wide.

And last but not least a little spring!

My goal of decorating this home on a flea market budget is working so far, the things I buy at the antiques store have to be almost flea market prices and it sure has been a fun way to decorate!
(Even the flowers were on sale in the grocery store at .99 cents!!!)

Thanks for stopping!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dining Room Table and Chairs Makeover

A couple of weeks ago I sanded and painted the old dining room table top and last Sunday I stenciled and recovered the chairs. I had already refinished the chairs a few years ago.
The top of the table was shot...someone had spilled something on it that ate through the finish and soaked into the wood...my guess is nail polish remover. I tried to sand it out but it was  a lost cause. Seeing as the table was a tiny bit warped and had a lot of small dents I decided the next best thing was to paint it white and sand the edges to look worn. If I don't like how it turns out I can look for a 'new' old table.
I really wasn't sure if I would like it and I didn't want to paint the base because it is in good condition.


And I still love my fresh grapefruit centerpiece!

(Over in the left corner is an old aqua ice cream maker I scored on for cheap and boxes of cork tiles for the kitchen floor, to the right the chest that does not belong there!)

There is still a lot to do in the dining room.
I have a large antique two toned wood buffet back in Minnesota that will be travelling with me next winter. It will be placed on the far wall under the Maplewood sign (I'll probably look for a western print instead of the sign but it's such a huge wall and so bare I just had to hang something there).

I'm going for a Rustic Western Shabby Chic look, is there such a thing???

To the left of the buffet will be my mom's china cabinet, from the early 70's and has that glity gold finish. It has a nice shape and I'll paint it white and shabby it up.
On the right side of the buffet (where the dark chest of drawers is and shouldn't be) will be my antique medicine cabinet which is white but a little rust is showing...I think it will all go together nicely.

And for a little whimsy I stenciled The 2 Bit Ranch, one word on each chair and each word in a different spot on the chair.
I used a canvas drop cloth from Lowe's for the seats.
For you younger bloggers out there, "2 bits" was a way to say .25 cents years ago (back when a quarter  was worth something) my dad used to say it all the time.

This area was ranch country and there still are cattle here but not like years ago. 
The ranches were called Empire Ranch, which grew to one million acres by 1906! There was Ranch Del Lago,  X-9 Ranch, Beach Ranch, Leon Ranch, Shaw's Ranch and La Posta Quemada Ranch. This house is not a southwestern design but we  can sure make it look like an old ranch house on the outside.

Eventually we'll put down wood floors (hopefully plywood cut into wide planks)
I think I'd like to try my hand at a painted canvas floor cloth under the table, I've always wanted to do that.

For now and the next year or two I have the least expensive carpet I could find at Home Depot. I bought an 11' x 12' piece of brown indoor outdoor carpet,  I cut an 8" x 8" square for underneath the table and used the rest as runners. It will do until we put down the wood plank floors.
Next winter my plan is to completely paint everything, ceilings and walls, then I can spill and drip and not worry. This winter my main goal was to get that old carpet out! Next winter Mr. Wild will redo the master bath (the 2nd bathroom needs it too but that will have to wait one more winter). Then he also has some work to do on the back porch.
I found this vintage wood sign at 22nd Street Antiques in Tucson. It's large and heavy! It measures 36" x 27" and is hand painted on both sides. They tell me it came from a camp in Ohio.
I couldn't resist it!
I think it's one of my all time favorite finds!

The color scheme I want to go with in this room,
warm gold, brown and creamy whites.
The woven wool runner is from Oaxaca Mexico and will be the runner on the buffet.

And here is the only before picture of the table. You all know what an old dark oak table looks like anyway.
This is after 2 coats of Behr's Table Linen.
I made my own chalk paint using the Plaster of Paris.
As you can see the ugly old carpet is still in place.
I tore out all of it and removed a ton of staples and carpet tacking but left this piece to use as a drop cloth. I was so glad when that last piece of carpet finally went into the trash!!!

After the sanding

I mix a small amount of Plaster of Paris with water in a container. The Plaster of Paris doesn't really dissolve but you can feel it sort of incorporate with the water. I then put what I think will be enough paint for my project into another container and add a little of the Plaster of Paris mixture while stirring until I get the right consistency.
No, I never measure, not even when I'm cooking and Mr. Wild gets so frustrated with me because I never keep a record.
But there are lot of blogs that have more detailed directions.

I've been using Minwax Finishing Wax for years and it leaves an awesome finish on painted wood. I set the can in the sun for just a little while to soften it a bit.
I rub it on the painted surface with a clean cloth and make sure everything is well covered. Let it dry a few minutes and then buff it with a clean soft cloth. It somehow soaks into the paint and gives it a good hard finish that can be scrubbed and won't stain. I love this stuff and I use it on almost everything I paint.

As for the stenciling I chose a a rich brown paint by Martha Stewart called Vanilla Bean. I couldn't find her Textile Medium so I bought Delta brand. 
I followed the directions on the Textile Medium bottle.

I cut a larger piece of canvas (washed and dried of course) I then wrapped it around the seat and placed a strip of 3M Blue Painters Tape where I wanted the letters to be placed.

After I finished the stenciling I let it dry, then heat set it with a hot iron and a pressing cloth between the iron and the stenciled letters for about 20 seconds.
After I covered each seat I sprayed a coat of 3M Scotchguard to protect them from dirt.

There is a great tutorial by Deborah from Green Willow Pond on recovering a seat HERE
The under side of mine do NOT look as neat as hers do!!!!

And that's it until next winter for the dining room!

Soooo much to do and time is going way too fast...it's almost the end of March already!!!
And too soon it will be time to head north...hummmmm...not sure about that!
I'm feeling pretty comfy here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fresh Grapefruit...A Work of Art

Farmers Market was today, my favorite little old man was there with his pink grapefruit
5 for $1

I mumbled out loud as I was filling my bag, I can't pick these off a tree in Minnesota!

When I came home and took them out of the bag I thought...it's a work of art! That gorgeous grapefruit with the stem and fresh green leaves!

They were picked this morning, fresh off his own trees. I took every one he had!!!!
They are huge, yup, and I ate that little dried out blue bunny immediately after the picture was taken, he was there to get an idea of the size of the fruit, I'm sure you all know the size of Peeps.
(They don't stay soft and squishy here for very long.)

Now I'll go attack one of these monster grapefruits!