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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crochet Flower Pillow and Yard Sale Treasures

I finished my little crochet flower pillow! There are not a lot of flowers here but I finally got tired of making them and I was anxious to see how it was going to turn out...

I used different brands of vintage crochet thread so that I would get a variety of off white shades. I just hand stitched them to the pillow material in the middle of each flower so that they stay loose around the edges...I keep wondering if I need to add a few more flowers or is this enough? Should I make it so that none of the background pillow fabric shows?
So of course now I want to make a pink pillow...
I have a ways to go yet...

I'm enjoying the "real" flowers so much while in Arizona, I can't believe how beautiful the petunias are here, they just started to bloom about 2 weeks ago. Back in Minnesota the pounding rain would never let these be so full...

And I found one yard sale last Saturday. There were 3 boxes of old frames. I started picking through them and finally asked how much...she said $1.50 per box...I grabbed all 3 boxes! I didn't go through the boxes at the sale but when I got home I found a lot of nice old frames. There are a LOT more but I just kept out the best ones...

Then I saw a guy pick up one of these crocks and I said to myself (not out loud of course)...no! put that down! and he did so I grabbed them. They are kind of old, I think. They have England embossed on the bottom and came with cork tops. They will make great kitchen utensil crocks or paintbrush holders. I love the earthy warm golden color. Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures

I've escaped the snow and ice and now mud and flooding of Minnesota and am enjoying the sun and heat of Arizona. Although today is windy, it brought rain and that is always welcomed in Arizona (as long as it doesn't flood). It smells so good outside!
I hit a few yard sales this last weekend and this is what I found.
The best thing is this very old and very heavy trunk. It's made with thick wide boards. It's trimmed with metal and I can see it's copper. This town was Arizona's first copper mine so it makes sense they would use copper.

The back is just as cool as the front.

Neat old hardware and all heavy duty stuff...$10 for this big old trunk.

Next I found this white headboard for $5. It is not old but it will be perfect in my flower garden. With all the rain and humidity in Minnesota I don't have the heart to use a vintage headboard...it would be a heap of rust in a year or two so this will be perfect and I don't have to care if it gets rusted, it could stand a little aging.

The last thing I found was this small straw bag for a quarter. It's a little squished and I'm sure it's not old. I stuffed it with paper and I'll try to steam it into shape. I think I'll add some wool applique flowers or maybe crochet flowers. Wouldn't it look good hanging on a door knob? For the photo the donkeys ear will do.

Isn't it just too much fun to find stuff that we can remake into something else? I try not to buy anything unless I have an idea for it. The trunk...well...that was too good to pass. The top is a little warped but it still makes a great piece out on the patio.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Semi" Vintage Crochet Hangers

I've become hooked on crocheting clothes hangers. I use both vintage and new crochet thread but I use old wooden clothes hangers and then embellish with bits and bobs.....vintage mop buttons and rhinestone jewelry pieces.
The hangers were photographed on my friend Stephanie's beautiful hand embroidered dish towel. (Link to her Etsy shop) I tried all sorts of backgrounds and this worked the best.

A close up of the bits and bobs...

I also crochet the little flowers using fine size 30 thread. My plan is to make a lot more and fill my closet with these hangers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pink Floral Dishes

Yes, more dishes....I found this pretty little plate on Etsy. It will eventually be placed on a shelf, part of the button frame and the other 'stuff' I'm painting and making to hang on the bare wall in my sewing room...

I picked these up at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I love that soft blue trim all around...

All of the floral dishes I find seem to go along with each other so well...

I have one more pretty batch that I found last week...

I'll post them another day...

I'm heading south! Getting out of this snow, Minnesota has seen the most snow and cold in 100 years....it's hard to read about nearly everyone else seeing the spring bulbs blooming and hearing the birds sing while we are still in winter.

I'm on my way to Arizona and I'm driving, just me and my cat. 'Mr. Wild' has to stay home!

I'll be gone a few weeks...

There are lots of yard sales where I'll be and I plan to hit each one. I hope to find some cool things to show you.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pink Flower Dishes

Lately I've been finding a lot of pretty white dishes with pink flowers and blue trim at my favorite thrift store.
Here are a few...and I'll post another pretty pattern next week...

It will be so much fun to set a beautiful table using all of the different patterns and a mix of silverware, this vintage crochet tablecloth and invite the girls over for coffee and a rich sweet dessert...
Thanks for stopping!

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