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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chippy White Wednesday

I was planning to post last week but I was attending a 6 day rug hooking workshop in Missouri. Even though I took the pictures of my treasures found at the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee Minnesota a few days before I went out of town, I couldn't find time to get them posted last week so here goes.....almost 2 weeks after the show....

(The rug hooking workshop was just too much fun!)

I've never been to this show before so I walked around the entire place so I could absorb it all first. Then I came across this booth! The Hog Shed from Lester Prairie, Minnesota. Not only do I love the name but I found the best stuff in their booth! This cool old twin washtub caught my eye first but I already have one, there was an old mirror leaning against it not shown here because I bought it before I took the picture!

A picture of The Hog Shed gals...I wish I had asked their names... they were the nicest gals!
I loved their booth!

I'm looking for an old white chippy painted long skinny cupboard door frame for a project and I also have been collecting old mirrors especially if they are beveled or etched. I might remove the heavy old mirror if my husband can figure a way to hang it horizontally and them I'll have the frame for my project. This is one heavy mirror!

Then I noticed this piece of old trim and I HAD to have it! I didn't go there looking for white things but it just happened! I plan to hang the old porch trim from an earlier post on our living room wall and then hang this a little bit higher above that piece. I like that it has a sort of narrow shelf on top so that I can set a few small things on it. It's 46" wide and probably was above a door or a window in it's past life.
I really like this piece!
Isn't that the best crackled white paint!!!!

After I paid for my 2 items I asked the gals if I could leave them there while I shopped. When I came back to their booth I spotted this old iron head board. The foot board was already sold and I would have loved to have bought that too but I'm so glad I got the head board.

While I was walking around I picked up the old wood stove part...I'll screw it to the wall or an old piece of wood and I can hang something on it. I love old glass doorknobs and the set here had one purple glass doorknob from the sun baking on it for years. All the better! I love that one is purple glass and the other the original clear. And of course one more lonely glass doorknob that I'll attach to a rod and use as a garden decoration.

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Thanks Kathleen from Faded Charm for another White Wednesday!


A Cottage Muse said...

Love it all...especially the bed!

Auntie Bliss said...

Oh lordy...that mirrored door...go to Miss Mustard seed and see how she puts signs or words on things like this with a projector... :) it's an older post.

Rebecca said...

Looks like you got some really great stuff-my kind of treasures!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Hi Faye ~ Wow! Does that ever look like a great show. Talk about Hog Heaven:):):) I used to have a brick & mortar shop before my webstore and I chose the space mainly for its purple glass doorknobs (just like yours). when I closed up - I so wanted to take them with me - its good to know I may find a set out there somewhere - Happy WW! Dee

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Faye,

I've got all the supplies for rug hooking and did a little bit a few years ago. I always wind up with a sewing needle or a crochet hook in my hand though. I want to do everything! ha ha I truly love rug hooking and hope that I'll drift back to it. I'm one of those that has to complete small-ish creations..I admire those that can make large stuff that takes a good while to complete.

I love all the stuff you got at the Junk Bonanza.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing such great stuff to look at for White Wednesday. I'd love to have you pop in for a visit when you have a moment!

Happy Day,
Stephanie ♥