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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The end of Autumn....

The first freeze was on its way so I thought I better get outside and pick all the P.G.Hydrangea flowers that I could get. I've had this small desk for years with the same old 'stuff' sitting on it for almost as long.

I decided the old crock that's been on the floor might look good here, a velvet pumpkin, an old rock from Marble Mountain in Arizona and then I just picked up this really rough old Big Ben alarm clock for almost nothing and it seemed to look right at home with the old crock. In Autumn I always hang up this oil painting that I did when I was about 20.

I think the old clock has such character, it's pretty decrepit and it doesn't work but I like it.

And of course the pretty shades of fall in the flowers. I love bringing these inside...they last all winter and keep most of their color. I have vases and old pitchers all over the living room full of Hydrangeas.

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