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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Surprises in my yard!

I took a break today and this is what was out my front window.
They are migrating south and stopped by for a bite and a drink.
I had to quickly take these through the window without a tripod.

Aren't they just the sweetest things! There were a lot of them but this was the best I could do.
Look closely, this bluebird below has a Winterberry in it's beak!

Then the turkeys come by for a drink now and then but to see them drinking all at once was comical!

And one of our maples just before the wind came and blew the leaves all away!

I haven't begun to decorate inside but I am enjoying the Autumn treats outside.
Happy Autumn!

More pictures of building our bunkhouse and Wyoming HERE

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It's me said...

What à Nice vieuw outside in your garden....have a Nice sunday...love Ria .....xxx

Mumma Shirl said...

Lovely pictures I adore the bluebirds pity they are just passing through and don't stop for a couple of days.


Hey Faye!
LOVE the bluebird photos. You could make some very pretty cards with them!
The turkey photo is funny!
Missed you last Saturday!!!
Off to see how the bunk house is coming along!

Nancy said...

I love Bluebirds and your pictures are beautiful!! We are blessed to have them year round here in Texas. Twenty years ago they were mainly rural around here, but now, we are finding them in town here in our backyard. I LOVE the turkey picture!! That is so cool!!!

jeanetteann said...

How lovely to see such pretties right outside your window. The turkey's are really funny. x

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

I'm fortunate to have bluebirds in the backyard. It's fun to watch their behavior. How I wish I had a tree like yours. They are so beautiful in the fall.

Shari said...

How beautiful, I am new to your blog and I will surly be back. What a lovely place!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So beautiful...nice surprise!

Carolyn Robbins said...

What a surprise! The birds are beautiful and you are right the turkeys are very funny!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great photos, Faye...the turkeys are amazing! Thanks for stopping by my Bachman's post!

Debbie said...

The pictures of the bluebirds are awesome, Faye!!!
I stopped over to see how things are going on your new building. You must be so excited!
Happy Fall to you.

Barbara Jean said...

Oh too funny!

I could not figure out what that pic with turkeys was, til I read it. =)

thanks for visiting.

when you put together your vignette under your lamp shade let me know.
I want to see it. =)


Lynnie @ Vintage Gal Style said...

Those turkeys are adorable, if I see any more cute turkey's I won't be able to eat one at Thanksgiving.