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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Water and a Going Away Party!

What AM I doing!!!!

I'm staying longer to work on this plus as long as it keeps snowing in Minnesota...why not stay here!

 I began trying to repair the existing watering system but it was becoming hopeless. I'm replacing the entire thing plus adding a timer with 6 watering zones...below is the new system.
Mr. Wild put it together and shipped it to me, all I had to do is connect the wires to the timer and then start 'plugging' in the new tubing that feeds the plants. 600' feet of water tubing so far and about 40 bubbles later, I'm almost finished.  
Sounds confusing but it's really easy and oddly enough, I enjoy doing this. 

But this is my reward!

This pretty little Star Jasmine was almost dead. I was able to get water to it about a month ago and it has already doubled in size. The fragrance is out of this world. I plan to add more of these next winter.

And the Oleanders, pretty hardy but if you give them a little water they will thrive here and I love the vibrant colors.

I think this a sage, the bush is huge and loaded with purple flowers,

A poor struggling palm tree is shooting new leaves next to a Eucalyptus tree that had died back severely. They are both very happy now with plenty of water.

This doesn't look like much in the picture, it is a giant Rosemary bush about 3 feet wide, there is a steep slope behind it, it drapes about 4' down the hill. The fragrance was so pleasant while I was getting the water to it.
It bloomed all winter.

Then there are those that don't need added water, a pretty orange Cholla

A native Acacia

A yellow Prickly Pear.
The giant Saguaro Cactus are all full of buds, I hope I'm here long enough to see them bloom.

The woman who built this house, along with her mother, planted tons of beautiful plants. Then she sold the house when she took over her mothers home. The new owners didn't take care of anything for 11 years including cutting down some of the beautiful trees. To my surprise she still lives across the road and is happy to see that I'm taking care of it.

The watering system will be in and ready for next winter, I can finally visit the garden centers and bring home plants.
As difficult as it was, I completely stayed away from plant nurseries this winter for fear I would cave in and bring home one of everything.

Last night my neighbor Nancy invited the neighbor 'girls' Elaine, Susan and myself over for a little going away party for me! She made homemade enchiladas and a delicious salad, Susan brought homemade cookies.
This morning 3 of us went for a long hike in the desert.

I wish I had taken along my camera to get a picture of the 'girls' last night.
We have wonderful neighbors, they will all watch the house and check my watering system to be sure all is working well.

It's hard to leave, I'm enjoying it here so much and I'm still in awe and so thankful that we found such an awesome location with such great neighbors!

Tomorrow is flea market!!!! YeeHaw!
I will be there bright and early...like 5:30 AM! 

If I find anything good I'll try to post it.

Thanks for taking time to look at my blog!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Vicky Hunt said...

All of your blooms are so lovely...:) I know you are enjoying them! Isn't the difference in weather across the country amazing? I can't believe some paces are still getting snow! Thanks for sharing all your pretty flowers! Sounds like your girl's night was lots of fun too!

Blessings, Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

It's me said...

Your garden looks great !!...have a nice sunday !!...love Ria...xxx !!

Shirley said...

Your flowers are so pretty and I would stay where it is warm. Although Arizona has had snow in the past. The weather this year has been so crazy regardless of where you live. I have family living in Arizona. Some day I hope to go visit them. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sounds to me like you are really enjoying your Arizona home! I think if safe to come to Minnesota again...really green now!