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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vanity Remake, faux chalk paint and finishing wax for $10 total

I wish I could show you the end result!
With the sink and faucet!

I started to work on this to use as a vanity in the bunkhouse (cabin) we are building in Wyoming.
Unfortunately things did not go as planned with the carpenter and we are way behind.
Next year my husband will install it in the bathroom.

I found this buffet at a flea market a year ago for $10

I knew right away what I wanted to do with it.
It was a pretty piece in it's day but it has had a hard life and was beyond repair, just what I felt comfortable about painting.
I can't take a good piece and paint it...just goes against my grain.
My grandfather was a carpenter and craftsman, he made a few beautiful pieces and I own and cherish one of them...but that's another story.

So I made my own chalk paint by adding plaster of paris to the white paint.
About 3 parts paint and 1 part plaster of paris.
Add water as needed because the faux chalk paint thickens quickly.
It took about 3 coats to cover.
I then sanded to distress it.
I used Minwax finishing wax, applying it liberally and then hand buffing it using cheesecloth. I set the can in the hot sun to soften it. It makes it so much easier to apply.

Seeing as my husband had not cut the hole out on top for the sink I painted everything but the top figuring he would scratch it anyway while cutting.
That became an accidental surprise.

The whole thing was white except for the top, he cut the hole out and we both thought it might be nice to leave the natural wood top.

So he sanded it down past the finish and turns out that it had a beautiful dark wood grain.

I applied a clear stain and it was just gorgeous.
I then applied 3 coats (while sanding in between each coat) Minwax fast drying polyurethane.

Here is the 'almost' end result.
I couldn't set the sink in for the picture because he has not cut out part of the drawer to fit it yet.
But the white sink against that dark top is just beautiful!
It was missing one drawer pull so I filled in the holes in the top drawer and only used 4 drawer pulls.

Total cost of project $10.
I get all of my paint and finishing supplies at the recycling center near our home.
Gotta love that deal!

I can't wait to get this where it belongs, I have the entire bathroom pictured in my head, exactly what it will look like. I even have a white crystal chandelier!
It's mighty hard to wait until next summer to finish!

(if you click on the picture it really shows up!)

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Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So beautiful Faye...can't wait to see! Great job!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH that is going to be gorgeous...what a great find! You did a wonderful job with it!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! That looks amazing, Faye! I can't wait to see it with the sink put in, and the chandelier hanging over it. You did a fabulous job on it!!
LOVE, love, love what you did!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Outstanding! Really nice transformation... you are going to want to keep it at home! LOL.


Willemina Meijer said...

beautiful transformation !!


Sherry Thecharmofhome said...

That will be a great vanity! Great job!