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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Flea Market Treasures

I'm back at it! Posting more of my treasured junking finds!
I love going to the flea market, I'm a total junk addict!

I love this old garden bench. It's in rough shape but for 10 bucks! If I can't use it to sit on it will still be a pretty addition to the garden with a pot of flowers sitting on it.
(I was thinking we could take it apart and use it for a pattern to make more...maybe someday!)

The first thing I saw was this really heavy old metal piece. Maybe it was part of a fence at one time but this will make a great wall hanging either inside or outside on a wood fence.

The same people that had the bench had these wood parts.
I already took apart the chippy white fence boards, pulled all the nails out and have enough to make a table top, or vintage looking signs. You can't tell because the sun was so bright but they have just the right amount of chippiness. Also a heavy old rusty grate thing, have no idea what that came from...more rusty junk to hang on the wood garden fence.

I rarely pass up lace or embroidery if the price is right.

Love the old cast iron Scotty dog book end or door stop. Another beautiful piece of redwork, I sure am having luck finding redwork here. 2 cute little Baby Ben alarm clocks that already have a home on a shelf.

And that lovely lace and embroidery!

Last Sunday I puttered around and have finally finished decorating one wall in the dining room. 
I hope to take some decent pictures and post them soon.

Things are starting to finally come together in this house, this is the 4th winter of working on ripping out miles of carpet and painting acres of walls, ceilings and sub floor until we put down the real floor. 
All that awful super dark green carpet is finally GONE! On the 5th day here this winter I took the last piece out. That made me so happy that I was ready to celebrate!

It's starting to feel like a home!

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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Removing all that carpet is a good job done! So many wonderful finds, Faye! I love them all...the redwork and the dog bookend are my favorites!

Debbie said...

So many great treasures on your table, Faye! LOVE the lace and linens.
I also like those sweet clocks you found.
Can't wait to see the house!!

Diana Machado said...

Beautiful thing's, love this post :)