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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Concrete Urns and White Paint???

I need your help!

I just bought these 2 concrete urns (they weigh a ton!)

They are about 23" tall and 16" wide.

So many of you clever vintage loving bloggers know how to paint furniture, concrete and different things to make it look old, worn and weathered.

I want to add white paint to these yet make them look like they have been sitting out in the garden for years, where the white paint is kind of washed and worn by the rain.

Can anyone help me with what type of paint and how to apply it so that is has that partially worn off look? I'd like no more than about half white paint and half concrete showing.

Or should I leave them alone and let them weather on their own?

(The urn on the right looks lop-sided but that's only because of the angle that I took the picture)

Of course the cat had to get in on the action and see what was inside! She's so dark she looks like a silhouette!

This is what I want to do for my next flower garden.

I will build this arbor and use it as the entrance to the garden. I will paint it white just like this. I want it to be a walk through into the garden and I would like to place an urn on each side right where the clay pots with the pink flowers are.

I'll fill the urns with trailing vinca vine and either white impatiens or white alyssum or both.

I'll plant climbing pink roses on each side. I still have plants that were my Grandmothers which she had at least 56 years ago.

Maybe even a bench on each side, inside...lots of time to decide that.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!


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Barbara Jean said...

oh, I was all excited to see what all help you got on painting those cement pots. I'll have to come back.
All looks like it will be wonderful!!

barbara jean

Tete said...

It's going to be the most magical place! Love the arbor.
You need to ask the people at the home improvement store that you shop at. They can tell you what kind of paint to use. I would thin it down per instructions and take a rag and rub it on, heavier in places and lighter in others until you are happy with it.
Hugs- Tete


I would say you need more than one color of paint and I agree with watering it down. I would use a sea sponge to dab on so it looks more natural. The great thing is, if you don't like it, just add more paint!

Good luck,

Ido said...

I just painted an urn that I found at a thrift store, it was gold and just added white paint and rubbed it off on the raised places. Somebody left me a comment to add acrylic brown paint diluted with water to make it look more old, if you have time check out my blog and read the first comment.
Have a great day!

Ido said...

And I'm your newest follower!

BECKY said...

Faye!!! I love your blog and I am so glad we're blog buddies now too!!

That arbor is to die for!! I love it! And the urns are lovely.

I just painted or should I say touched up a little plaster angel. I watered down the paint and it worked great. When you water it down, you can actually easily wipe/dab off what you don't want there with a damp towel and make it heavier in some places, and lighter in others for a more natural time worn look. Just a thought!!

Have a great Thursday!
Thank you so much for following me and entering my giveaway!


BECKY said...

Too funny! I just read the other comments and they mostly say the same thing about the urns! Must be the thing to do!! :o)

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Can't wait to see what you do with them. Sorry I don't have any info on how to acheive the look.

jaya said...

just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.


Gail said...

Paint with any shade of white and leave outside to weather. If you have moss in your yard (most of my property is woodland so I have lots), pour yogurt or beer on urns then rub a small amount of moss on yogurt. Leave urn in warm, but shady spot, and the moss spores will multiply on your urn.
PS I like the urn as is.