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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Taming The Wildlife!

Hello birds!

I just hand fed a nuthatch!

There is one that always comes around begging for seed when I walk out the door so this afternoon when I saw him I brought out the sunflower seeds and put some in the palm of my hand and held my arm straight out. Sure enough, after he watched me for a minute, he landed on my fingertip and grabbed a seed and flew off onto the tree to crack it open.

Then there is a black squirrel that watches for us and is not afraid, she was coming down the tree and looked at my hand and I thought no, their claws are a little too sharp for me but she sure looked like she was ready to jump!

Of course this is not THE nuthatch because no one was around to take a picture but I'm going to keep trying it every time it shows up mooching for food!

And while I'm at it here, a few Springs ago I took a break on the front porch, lying on my back and very still, a house wren landed on my shoulder and started picking at my long hair. I just stayed very still while she continued to try to steal some of my hair for her nest until she gave up finding that it was still attached!

I enjoy birds so much!
That nuthatch was my treat for the day!
I just had to tell someone....

Update today Monday, he's back! 
This time the nuthatch came to my hand twice and he took his time about it, he picked up several seeds each time until he has just the right one.



Very cool! I would love to have a hummingbird sit in my hand! But that won't happen!
Finally some SUN tonight! The puppies enjoyed a walk, me too!

Nancy said...

We love birds here too! We just had a momma and daddy house wren raise three little babies in a hanging pot plant on our back porch! We had to be careful to water it from the other side so the plant wouldn't die and blow their cover! The parents were so good about taking care of their babies together, it was wonderful to witness!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

That's trust! I hope someone is able to get a picture next time she comes around. Thanks for sharing:-)

Debbie said...

Oh, how cool! We feed Chickadees like that. My Grandpa had a Grossbeak feeding out of his hand. You must be a very patient person, Faye.
I don't like squirrels...they tend to start crawling up your arms, then on your head...uck. When we were kids, they actually ran up our pant legs...eek!!
Have fun with your birdies!