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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

A little late in the day but I just got home a few hours ago and have somewhat recuperated from my Easter flea market!

This flea market is a go no matter what the weather or what holiday it falls on.

Surprisingly there were a lot of vendors. I arrived when they were unpacking and left when they started to pack up.

A perfectly wonderful way to spend Easter for me!

I picked up...or rather... rescued this beautiful old quilt. It has a ton of wear and is somewhat tattered but it was lovingly hand appliqued and hand pieced by some woman years ago. It has such soft lovely colors and I just couldn't let it fade in the intense sun any longer

It reminds me of Spring and Easter!

The first time I walked by it was marked $25 but an hour or so later it was marked $15 so for 15 bucks it had a new home. 

There are plenty of nice areas yet and I can always fold it so that the non tattered flowers show and drape it over a chair or if I had the heart to cut it up, it would make pretty pillows although I don't think I could do that.

I look at it and wonder who the woman was that made this and what her story was.

I'll try to take pictures tomorrow of my 'loot' and post them this week.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!


Deepi's World said...

Hi..I like going to flea market too. Someone must have made this quilt with lot of love.

It's me said...

Happy easter....love Ria...xxx!

Marci said...

I think your quilt is beautiful. I always wonder, too, about the previous owners. I had a blue crockery bowl I bought that had been used so much you could see where the spoon had hit the bottom. I always felt I was honoring that woman by appreciating her bowl that she must have used nearly every day. I think maybe that is why so many of us love old things, the stories they could tell...

Debbie said...

I do that too, Faye....wonder about the person that owned the pieces I buy at markets.
I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter.
I hope you have a nice week, too!