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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Last weekends flea market treasures

As promised...more pictures of my lastest junking adventure.
The pretty applique quilt

I found a set of redwork embroidered pillow covers that are in very nice condition except the Good Night is a bit faded in the middle

A bag of crochet collars, yolks and all sorts of fun handmade treasures.

I have wanted to find one of these for a few years. It's a hand crochet doily with heavy glass beads used to place over a pitcher or some sort of container to keep the flies out. This is in pristine condition.

A guy was unloading and had some pretty cool stuff, I grabbed this elk shed to hang on the wall in the living room.
He had a lot of really cool stuff but I had to keep it in control! :)

A cute metal chair for the garden, I'll put  a big pot of flowers on this!
Speaking of flowers I have never seen the desert blooming this much. The road I take to the grocery store is almost pure yellow between the Brittlebrush bushes (seen here) and the Palo Verde trees.
It's almost breathtaking against the pure blue sky.
All the desert needs is about 3 inches of rain off and on all winter and we get this!
Love it! 

This cast iron planter that matches my cast iron garden set, this needs to be painted white.
It looks small but it's about 18" across.

Some little odds and ends

I set the vintage makeup on a pretty dish on the bathroom vanity and the shaving mug soap will go with my Grandpa's shaving mug and brush, I didn't know it came this way back then!

I could not resist this small ironstone bowl. I love them when they have lots of discoloring like this.

Of course more wood hangers

And this little Made in Italy wall light that was wired at one time, it has holes for crystals so you know what I'm going to do with this...load it up with crystals!
It will go well in my sewing room with the other light fixture.

And I caved in...I bought a rose bush. We'll see if I can make it survive this summer.
I see them around town and they are huge, all the way up to the eaves of a one story house and they are loaded with blossoms. 

Saturday and Sunday is The Big Heap at Old Tucson.
I'm not sure what to expect because it's not a usual flea market but I just have to go to see what it is.
Still no smart phone so no pictures...rats!

Thanks for stopping and putting up with my flea market fixes. I get my fill for the year here because it's so good and so much fun and the prices are so reasonable! Plus I'm getting to know so many of the vendors, it sure is fun to visit with them! It's my 'social event' each month!

And yes, I am still painting.... OMG will I ever get it all finished!
But the house sure looks a lot better inside and outside and it feels like home.

Thanks everyone...thanks for the nice comments even though I haven't been keeping in touch...when I get back to Minnesota I can take it easy and get caught up.

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Debbie said...

You are so lucky to be able to hang out at the flea markets, Faye!!! lol
You sure find some awesome pieces for your home. I can't wait to see everything in it's forever home! You always display things with such skill.
Have fun with your new treasures!