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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yes...More JUNK Sales...but so much fun!

As you can see...I've been no better at blogging this summer either!

Why did I think, when I was younger, that I would have so much free time when I hit 50!
(I'm way past that now!)
Instead I seem to have less and less time to do the fun things in life. Is it because the ol'body is moving more slowly??? Or are there just more things I want to do and not enough time in the day?

Anyway, I still seem to find time to hit the flea markets, occasional sales and garage sales...yes, that is my thing these last few years. I have no other money spending vice, just collecting junk!

Last month I met up with blogging friends Deb and Linda and we did a little 'junking'.
It was fun to see them again.

I scored on some street signs...
That plywood underneath the signs has now been cut up into 6" wide "boards" all stacked and packed for the bunkhouse floor that we'll install soon. We're late in heading out west this year.

Some of you may think I'm crazy but since I was a kid watching Gunsmoke with my mom on Monday nights, while my dad was at his bowling league, I thought saloon doors were kind of cool.
I figured some day it would be fun to get a set and incorporate them in my house some way.

Well, there they were...tagged Saloon Doors! I suspect they may have actually been doors leading into the kitchen in a cafe because I remember seeing that years ago too. They are solid wood and still have their hardware that works.

They'll be going in "the house that's not built yet". I picture swinging doors leading into the pantry. They'll hide the clutter (because I am not a super tidy person) but yet are easy access...hopefully it's a good idea!

Then last Saturday I stopped at a yard sale, or rather, dragged Mr. Wild to an 8:00 in the morning sale.
We were at this same farm house 2 years ago when the renters of a barn were selling their stuff. I inquired about the 2 wagon wheels but they belonged to someone else...oh well...forgotten until as we pulled into the driveway, the first people to arrive, there they were still leaning against the garage. I'm timid but Mr. Wild spoke right up and asked politely if they were for sale. They were and we got'em!

All chippy white and cheap too!

Funny how things happen!

The wheels will hang on "the house that's not built yet"...heaven knows I can not keep buying things for the house that's not built yet!!!

The week before that I visited a yard sale and picked up this wagon, I kind of get a kick out of Radio Astronaut! I never heard of that one before. I'm thinking I may take the wheels off, add shelves and hang it on a wall....maybe.
I also picked up the exact vintage shelf I was looking for and 2 frilly 50's lampshades for a buck each but I forgot to take pictures of them.

Plus there's more stuff...small things from flea markets but everything has found a new place in the house.

This Saturday is another flea market and then the following Saturday is yet another flea market.
The Elko/New Market flea is back after quitting for one sale (3 times a year)...are you going Deb? 

Thanks everyone for stopping by!



Lover the old wagon wheels!! I hope to get to the Trader's market...The salon doors are so cool. Glad that you bought them.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You had some great finds that day, Faye...it was fun! Love those wheels and the wagon, too!

Karen L. Bates said...

Great shopping...can't wait to see that future house!

Debbie said...

I used to watch Gunsmoke with my Dad!! I always LOVED the saloon doors too!! I'm so glad you found a pair, Faye! If anyone can incorporate a pair into their home, it's you! Yay, on the wagon wheels, too!
You always get the best stuff!!!!
Love ya.