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Friday, August 3, 2012

Wyoming or Bust...Whoa!!!...too many irons in the fire!

My poor neglected vintage camper has to be put on hold for awhile...
I've neglected my blogging and keeping up with comments...
My house is a mess...
This is what I have been doing...
(Most ideas are from Pinterest)

Trying to make up my mind

for my Wyoming bunkhouse...

The above is closest to the plan we have agreed on, the porch will be open and have 3 steps up, no railings
As much as I LOVE this look (above) I want something that will be easy maintenance as I grow old
unfortunately, logs need to be re chinked and they can be a little leaky if not maintained, I'd rather work on my fun projects than maintenance.

So we have decided on board and batten siding...not quite like this but you get the idea...all we have to do is spray on linseed oil and touch up as needed.

I want exposed rafters underneath the porch roof and the porch floor will be just like this...

source not shown
I showed my pins from Pinterest to our carpenter and this was one (below),  I wonder what he thought!
But I LOVE the rusty tin roof! 

 I chose the western Y look but much stockier posts...
lots of windows too...

Now what to do for the inside?

I love this floor (above) I want to keep it light and I will start with sheet rock walls painted white until I get a feel for the space.

I love this floor even more (above) and the white walls. The windows will have natural wood trim, not painted.

I need a few cupboards just like this...

This is our 1948 Montgomery wards stove we purchased a few years ago (steal on Craigslist)...it's in the pole barn and we use it! It will be moved to the bunkhouse kitchen...
(This oven bakes a pizza perfectly even!)

Not THIS fridge but Mr. Wild found 2 1950's refrigerators on Craigslist list that I forgot to get a pic of (the guy would only sell both, not just one...but they were cheap!)

I have a table just like this (cost...$10!). I just need a couple of yellow chairs.
The kitchen cabinets will be white and the kitchen floor will be commercial vinyl tiles, haven't decided on the colors yet...or maybe I'll go with wood? Another thing that I can't decide on!

 I found a sideboard similar to this (cost...$15) that I will paint white and 'shabby up' for the bathroom vanity. I also found a shabby white metal cabinet to set alongside to store towels etc. I have a chippy white painted wood framed mirror to put above the vanity.
I wish I could find some chippy white wood to apply to the wall behind it.

THIS footstool would definitely be cool in a Wyoming bunkhouse!

So there you have it! Too many decisions and my brain is on overload.
I just placed the order for the windows this morning and they will be ready in a few weeks so Mr. Wild can load them up in the trailer and haul them out. Since they are made locally here, we saved a lot.

The plan is....
We build this bunkhouse (cabin)....but in Wyoming I just HAVE to call it a bunkhouse !
It will be a more comfy place to stay when we are out there (instead of the camping trailer we have been using)

When Mr. Wild is ready to retire we will sell our home here, move into the bunkhouse while we build a 'real' home and THIS will become my studio!!! Yee Haw!

At last....a place to call my own where I can make a huge mess with my stuff, shut the door behind me and not care if it stays a mess!

I will have a kitchen for dying wool and lots of cabinets for storage and a fridge for cool drinks.

Mr. Wild already has THIS for his hobby so I do not feel guilty one little bit!

I love the view to the east in springtime...

And a view to the southwest in fall...Wyoming Cowboy Country!
Love it!

The foundation was started yesterday and I will be driving back directly (soon, cowboy slang), I want to be there while the walls go up, so I better 'pony up' (hurry up, cowboy slang) and 'git' out west!

P.S. I have a Wyoming blog and plan to do most of the posting there about our adventures in Wyoming.
Update, he has the hole dug and poured the concrete foundation...it is just a 4' crawl space for this building...I'm impatiently anxiously waiting for him to email pictures! Yes, a hole in the ground is exciting for me!!!! So is concrete! :) I can't wait...I'm like a little kid with this stuff!!!!

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Shirley said...

Hi Fay, Your table reminds me of one that we had when we first got married. I can remember when my parents got their first refrigerator over 65 years ago. I like the porch and I will be watching for post of your progress. I hope it will be cooler there then it has been here. This summer has really been something. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

jeanetteann said...

I am so excited for you,I love reading all about it. I can just imagine having that cute little cabin for a studio. It sounds like a little piece of Heaven. xxoo

vintage grey said...

What wonderful photos of inspiration! Love the oven, and fridge!! Would be so neat to have those. So excited about your cabin!! Can't wait to see it!! xo Heather


WOW and Eeeeek...love your ideas!!It's beautiful there!
Bunkhouse! LOL!!! I've set the date for the get together! Sept 29 and sure hope you will make it!!!
Have a safe drive home!

Tete said...

Now that's a job! Have fun picking out all the wonderful things and don't forget to take pics so we can see how it all comes together!

Debbie said...

How awesome is this!!!
You lucky gal(cowboy, for girl).
With your decorating skills, and eye for vintage style, that "bunkhouse" will look amazing!
Have fun with all of this, Faye!
Keep us posted.

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Wow...again, wow!!! So many decisions and so much fun. Sounds like you have a great start on making your dream a reality. Wishing you the best with all of it!

T!na said...

OH! I am in love. What a wonderful place you are going to have. I am your newest follower and I am following your other blog also. Can't wait to see the progress of your little bunkhouse.

Have a great day.

NanaDiana said...

I just found you back, Faye. Is this the blog you mostly post on? Hugs- Diana

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

This is so exciting Faye!!!
You inspired my vintage with a view board on my pinterest and I know you'll be sharing lots more for me to pin!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You have been making important plans, Faye...how exciting! It'll be fun to watch it come together!

kathyinozarks said...

looks amazing