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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Decorating

Not quite what you expected from my title!

This year my fall decorating is walking in our woods. 
It seems each year just gets more and more hectic and there's never enough time to decorate the inside. We've had beautiful warm sunny days so I am outside as much as possible enjoying the leaves as they turn into beautiful shades of yellow, gold, orange and red and then fall to the ground.

My favorite Sugar Maple tree

Looking to the sky through the leaves

Then the Sugar Maple right next to the red one, it only turns yellow each year

This is what I see as I look out to the driveway from our front porch, our road looks like a foot trail but it really is our road! 

The oaks are a vivid orange this year, a few are red.
There is a beautiful orangy glow inside the house when the sun is out.

The Amur Maple leaves fell today and scattered on the ground in all shades of Autumn

And one little sprig of soft pink roses to remind me of summer

I hope you have time to go for a walk in the woods and enjoy the Autumn colors.


Debbie said...

Your photos are gorgeous, Faye!
what kind of camera do you use?
I just have a point, and shoot, and would love to get a Cannon someday soon.
The shot of the leaves on the ground, and the rose should be framed!!
I hope you are well.
Love you, toots!

Vicky Hunt said...

So beautiful! Oh how I wish we had those gorgeous colored leaves in Florida. Unfortunatley, most of our leaves just turn brown and fall off! I do have a red leaf maple that gives me a little taste of the fall colors I love so much though. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

Blessings, Vicky


Great photos! I'm enjoying these days as much as I can!

NanaDiana said...

That looks like Fall decorating to me, Faye...and it is beautifully done. xo Diana

jen hangca said...

Love your pictures faye! I also love maple tree, even though I haven't see it on my entire life. haha thanks for sharing your pictures. oh1 by the way I followed your blog.

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