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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The peas are blooming!

Okay, I'm not trying to rub it in but my little snap peas started to bloom today!
I'm just so excited!!! I can't help it!

I've spent 58 winters in Minnesota and I'm enjoying the daylights out of being able to grow a winter garden in a warm climate for the first time.

I planted transplants from the nursery and also seeds so that I can find out which works best. 
You can see the seeds have germinated too (down at the bottom of the picture).

The lettuce and spinach is growing and I could probably pick enough for a small salad but I'll wait another week or so.

And I can't help but add a picture of the lavender lantana that is taking over, it's hard to photograph because the sun is so intense here and these just don't seem to come out well but you get the idea. There are mounds of them!

I quit gardening in Minnesota several years ago because we live in a dense oak woods and I've had my fill of picking off deer ticks, wood ticks and fighting mosquitoes and gnats and I'm not too crazy about coating myself with chemicals to keep the annoying things away. We never had deer ticks when I started my garden 26 years ago and I've been treated for Lyme's 3 times, luckily caught almost immediately. I have friends who have been hospitalized because of Lyme's. We've found many dead birds due to West Nile and are on the DNR's list to treat our little swampy ponds.

So I quit! I only put plants in pots now and I stay away from the poor pathetic weed infested perennial garden that I used to enjoy so much.

At least in the desert whatever creeps, crawls or slithers is not looking for me and my blood!

The neighbors here tell me "we have mosquitoes" Ya...right, they've never been to Minnesota!!! 
I have never seen one here yet!

It has been so much fun to dig in the dirt again and watch things grow, I've had more fun with this small little garden and I'm learning about gardening in the desert. I know we'll be adding more raised beds as time goes on.

I planted a tree this morning! It's called  Desert Sweet Acacia. In spring they are covered with small yellow ball shaped flowers and smell wonderful. Only I didn't know they come with inch long thorns but I got it in the ground without getting stuck!

I found a picture of the flowers...

I'm seriously thinking of trying an orange tree...I can't even imagine walking out and picking an orange for breakfast!

The forecast is for rain this weekend and Arizona is in a drought along with southern California. They need it badly so we'll see if it really rains or it ends up just a sprinkle like it normally does.
(It will be below zero in Minnesota for the next 5 nights, it could possibly end up the coldest winter on record. I'm so thankful I'm here)

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ND said...

Oh- I am beyond jealous. WE are so VERY VERY cold here and it is getting worse this weekend.

When we lived in FL I had orange trees in our backyard and it was wonderful to walk out and pick them. Nothing in the world quite like it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana


hi Faye!
I'm so COLD and sick of this long winter...I'm trying not to be jealous...your flowers are so pretty and you have found some nice finds in your last post. I'm hoping to find a big urn for the front steps!
Maybe I need a trip to Bachman's greenhouse!

Pam Kessler said...

OK, I have to admit that I am just a tiny bit jealous! We're not quite as bad as Minnesota, but it will still be pretty yucky around here for at least another month. Would love to live where you're at now.

Algodão Tão Doce said...

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Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


Beijos Marie.

Marci said...

Ok, I am jealous. Your photos are beautiful! A homegrown salad sounds good. Didn't know the ticks were so bad in Minnesota. And yes, it would be fabulous to pick your own oranges!

Patti said...

Your photos are lovely. I lived in the desert for 24 years and just moved to the mountains above Palm Springs last year. I admit, I miss the warmer weather. My garden is bare right now. I work in PSprings, so I do enjoy the beautiful flowers right now, too. The bougainvillea is gorgeous! And, yes, do plant an orange or lemon tree. You will love how they smell!